Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hit and miss

It has been hit and miss with updating my blog over the last few years.  I'm not sure if many still read it.  I won't make any promises about updating regularly, but I don't plan on giving up on it either.

Back in February our lives took a sad turn, when my Mum passed away.  Although she had been ill, we were not expecting such a dramatic turn at that time.  I still feel some disbelief, and then at other times the reality feels very overwhelming.

My Mum would have hated her face being on the internet so here are a couple of photos of my Mum and I which she still wouldn't have approved of, but that I might have got away with.  :-)  In the first I am around 2 years old, and the other is at my wedding in 2009.


My Mum worked tirelessly as a volunteer for our local animal rescue shelter for nearly a decade, and helped hundreds of cats, kittens and rabbits in that time.  She particularly liked the very small kittens that needed to be hand reared, and was still doing this two weeks before she passed away.

Not long after she died I went stash diving for something to work on.  I ended up pulling out Alpine Garden by the Drawn Thread which I'd had in my stash for nearly a decade.  As I was working on it I realised that many of the flowers and their meanings were words that described my Mum - compassionate, strong, loyal and courageous.  Needless to say it went straight off to the framers once I had finished.


Kath Hintz said...

Take each day as it comes Rowyn, it's a huge loss for you. It's great you found solace in some stitching. I love your drawn thread piece. When my mum died, I stitched SB earth gatherer, it hangs over my bed. Thinking of you x

Vickie said...

Oh Rowyn, I am so sorry. I do understand your grieving. The Alpine Garden is so very lovely. You chose two beautiful pictures of your mother and yourself.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh Rowyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your sad loss. I know what you mean about blogging, I'm so erratic due to what's going on at home but I don't want to give it up either. I hope you keep going with it.

Katrina said...

Dear Rowyn, I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Mum. My condolences to you and your family. You are in my thoughts xx

valerie said...

So sorry to read this sad news about your mom, Rowen. It is so hard to lose a parent but keep those happy memories alive in her honor. I think that The Alpine Garden is a lovely finish in tribute to her.

Beth said...

I am sorry for your loss. Your lovely stitch is a wonderful way to honor and remember your mother.

CJ said...

We have missed you in Blog land, but we understand. So sorry for your loss. I look forward to you next stitching post.

Terri said...

So sorry for your loss! Your stitched and framed piece is just gorgeous and a wonderful tribute!

Tash Walter said...

Still reading your blog... and how sad to read about your mum. Your stitching is so beautiful, and how lovely that it will have so much meaning whenever you look at it!

Von said...

What a beautiful and fitting tribute to your Mom, Rowyn.

Brigitte said...

A wonderful tribute to your mom. And the stitching you were doing was the perfect choice. Such a beautiful design reflecting your mom's character.

Clare said...

Your Drawn Thread stitching is beautiful in your chosen frame. I wondered if you had seen Sue Daley`s design `Under the Sounthern Stars`,which reminded me of close to your blog name.:) I am working on this as a BOM from Delbrook in Hastings NZ. Happy Stitching.

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