Thursday, September 08, 2016

Strawberry House

After we moved house in January life threw a few lemons my way, and I didn't stitch for quite a few months.

The first thing I stitched when I got my mojo back was Strawberry House by Tanya at the Scarlett House.  I think this is quite possibly my favourite design ever.  I just love the design and the thread colours.  I had put it off for ages because I didn't have the exact fabric called for or anything similar (such a silly attitude!).  I eventually decided a piece of WDW Cocoa fabric would be just fine.

When I won the generous gift voucher on Sharon's blog back in May the main acquisition was the fabric, threads and chart for La D Da's  Honeysuckle Birth Sampler.  Although I stitched a couple of things for Annabelle before she was born, I never got around to a birth sampler.  It was a pretty quick stitch, but has been languishing unfinished for a little while as I have yet to decide on the lettering for this piece.  Unfortunately, I don't like what is charted and I want to fit her full name in the middle portion not just her first and second names.  (I've just spotted I missed a honeysuckle flower on the vine!).

Annabelle has become very interested in my crafting lately.  "What are you making me today?" she asked yesterday as I was rifling through my crafty drawers.  Then this morning she asked "Are you needle-ing me a hat?".  lol.   Her and I started making her a scrapbook yesterday - she really enjoyed rummaging through my supplies and spreading them all over the floor.

At the end of July we said goodbye to my bunny Milly.  Obviously I was sad, but I believe she was probably old in bunny years as she went blind with cataracts soon after I got her (here she was the first day I adopted her from animal rescue).  I had her for a little over two and a half years.

My other bunny Cola is getting on in years, I've had him for about four and a half years and he was also a rescue bunny (so real age unknown).  He will have to make do with our company as, as much as I love bunnies I don't plan on getting anymore.  However, I may take him to see my Mum's bunnies on occasion for something different.

It is a miserable, cold day here with lots of hail and sleet.  Parts of the country have been really battered by storms and snow.  Winter is giving us a final farewell, as it gives way to spring.  Wahoo!


Beth said...

So sorry to hear about your bunny. So wonderful that you rescued two of them.

Brigitte said...

I also have Strawberry House somewhere in my stash. It's such a lovely design and you made a great start on it. And Annabelle's birth sampler looks so good. Great to see that you have found your stitching mojo again :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Milly was a lovely little bunny Rowyn. How many cats do you have at present?
I think you do really well with your stitching given that you have Annabelle to look after. I hope all is well on other fronts.

Vickie said...

Strawberry House is awfully pretty. Annabelle's birth sampler is wonderful. I am sorry about Milly.

deb said...

I'm sorry about your bunny (such a pretty girl!) - it's so hard to lose furbabies.

Strawberry House is a beautiful piece! I agree with you - the composition and colors are lovely.

Von said...

Nasty weather usually means good stitching, lol! Hope spring comes your way soon!

Barb said...

Strawberry House is so pretty! I do look forward to seeing Annabell's sampler all finished. Sorry about the bunny. It is always sad to lose a dear pet.

Carol said...

Just love your Strawberry House finish, Rowyn! I bought this chart myself earlier this month, but will probably not start it until next year. I'm so sorry about Milly--she was such a pretty bunny... I'll bet Annabelle misses her so much. At least she was in a loving home until the end...

Hope Spring is warming up for you over there :)

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