Sunday, September 04, 2016

National Parks Birthday Club

Thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging everyone!

This weekend I managed to finish up part 1 of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's National Parks Birthday Club.  Part 2 will be released at the end of September.  It will be interesting to learn about US national parks.  New Zealand has many too, my favourites being Fiordland (awe-inspiring/jaw dropping/out of this world beautiful in my view) and Tongariro (a few hours north of where I live, with a couple of active volcanoes).

Some of you might recall that last year we moved house and totally made a big mistake in doing so.  In January this year we moved back to our old neighbourhood.  One of the things that attracted us to our current house is it's lovely large garden, which even has it's own stream. It is a great time of year to see what is popping up in the  garden.  Fortunately the previous owners liked spring bulbs and there are many, many yet to bloom.   I can't wait!

We also have some unique garden visitors, including this endangered New Zealand falcon (Karearea). Annabelle and I were home alone one day and there were a lot of banging and crashing noises.  I could not understand what was going on at all.  We went outside and found a white dove which we sat and talked to for a while, before noticing the falcon in the tree watching all of us.  We had interrupted the falcon chasing its lunch!  First things first I got the camera (as you do!), then I rang my husband to see what he thought I should do - either let nature take its course or save the dove from becoming lunch - however before I told him the whole story the dove flew off with the falcon in hot pursuit.  I don't know how it ended.  Maybe that's a good thing!

Back soon with part 2 of the local sampler history.  I am glad that some of you commented that you enjoyed part 1!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I hope the dove got away, nature can be so cruel Rowyn.
Moving twice in quick succession is very hard but I'm glad you're happy.

Vickie said...

I am so glad to read of your new home being a success. :D

Carol said...

The U.S. National Parks are very special and diverse, Rowyn--I need to visit more of them myself. I made a note to myself to visit your beautiful Fiordland and Tongariro when we (hopefully!) visit NZ after we retire in a few years :)

So glad you are enjoying your new home in your old neighborhood and what fun to see what surprises the garden offers throughout the first year...

Barb said...

Nature can sometimes be hard to look at. My sister took a cruise to New Zealand last year and said you have a beautiful country. She was very impressed!!

Brigitte said...

So nice to read that you could move back to your old neighborhood. I still remember how much you regretted to move away from there. The garden that you have now seems to ne gorgeous with all the lovely flowers. Good that you could move back.

Two days ago I saw a documentary about some National Parks in New Zealand. And they also showed Fiordland. Oh my, how impressive! I couldn't continue stitching because I was so caught by the wonderful pictures they showed.