Friday, August 28, 2015


Hi everyone

I haven't managed much stitching lately, but I am back on track with charting for my antique sampler 'Margaret Jagger 1824'.  I am about half way through putting it into PC Stitch.  Here is Bindi trying to help me out last night!

Progress stalled with Bluebelle Samplings when we moved house.  Unfortunately, DH and I are not at all happy in our new location.  It's a tough pill to swallow when you realise you've made a big, expensive mistake!  Even the park across the road hasn't been wonderful (we've only been three times in two months and each time an unpleasant experience involving weirdos and dogs!).  So we are looking to move back to the area we came from which is a more family oriented area, rather than a mixture of the weird and the wonderful which you find in city locations.

Our holiday to Fiji rolled around.  I would like to say it was a wonderful, relaxing holiday but little Annabelle was out of her comfort zone.   It was a struggle getting her to eat different foods, and dealing with the friendly people of Fiji (who love paying lots of attention to little ones) was too much for my shy little girl.  She did love digging in the sand, paddling in the water, the frogs which came out at night and sniffing the beautiful, tropical flowers though.  Even though we were only away for 11 days it seemed like a long time, so we felt quite refreshed upon our return.  It was certainly a beautiful island we were on!

Hope you enjoyed the Fiji photos!


butterfly said...

Sorry to hear you are not enjoying the area you have moved too.

Love the holiday photos looks a lovely relaxing place.

Vickie said...

Oh Rowyn. I am so sorry. It is hard. We did that once. Our last home. We realized it was not for us. Lived there a year and a half. It is best to get out, than to try to make it work and hate it.

Barb said...

Oh dear Rowyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment with the new house. I think we have all made mistakes sort of like that one.I agree with the comment by Vickie. the sooner the better for you to move. Annabelle just gets prettier all the time!! By the way, we have only grown children and I'm still always happy to get home from a trip.

Brigitte said...

Oh Rowyn, I'm so sorry to read that you all are nor happy at your new place. Unfortunately there is no way to find out about this before moving in. But maybe you can find something in your old neighbourhood again. That will mean a lot of work to move again but it's better than being unhappy all the time.
I loved to see all these wonderful pictures of your holidays.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry your new home is not working out. It's interesting to hear your comments about the neighbourhood. I guess you never know what it's really like until you live there. We are pondering moving ourselves to a new neighbourhood but we are not in a rush. I hope you find a nice place soon. I know it can be very stressful not knowing where you will settle right now.

Annabelle looks like a girl (not baby) in that photo. So sweet.

Carol said...

I was away on vacation and am just now reading about your unhappiness with your new home, Rowyn. Good that you realized it straight away rather than spending years of your life in a place that isn't right for you. I hope you're able to sell your home quickly and get back to where you feel comfortable very soon!

How wonderful to be able to vacation on Fiji--makes my recent beach vacation seem quite mundane :) Lovely photo of your sweet daughter!