Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July musings

Woah, hang onto your seats it's another update from me :-)

First of all, my apologies to those of you I still owe emails to.  So much has happened in the last four weeks.  We've moved house, Annabelle had a nasty virus for 10 days, we went away for a long weekend, we celebrated a birthday and welcomed a new furry family member to the clan!

The house move went well.  To our surprise Annabelle settled right in straight away with no problems.  Mum (i.e. me) not so much.  It's starting to feel more like home now though.

My baby turned TWO!  Here's a cute snap I took of Annabelle a few days before her birthday, with her cousin Phoebe (now 6 years old).  I am still in disbelief, it seems no length of time since these two gorgeous girls were both babies!  That poem about babies not keeping is so very true.

Last Saturday we threw Annabelle a little birthday party.  I decided to make the cakes from an idea I saw on Pinterest.  Rose shaped icing with edible butterflies.  The icing may look a little more like camellias, but I was fairly pleased with my first cake decorating efforts.  Annabelle had a fantastic time with lots of extra people to chase her around.

My Mum who volunteers at animal rescue was telling me about a beautiful ragdoll kitten that had been surrendered last week.  I didn't think much more of it (she tells us stories about lots of animals) and I was certainly not looking for any more pets.  Then she rang up one night and suggest we come and have a look at it, and she'd adopt it for Annabelle if we agreed.  So we went on Sunday for a look at her and she ended up coming home with us.  Things have gone well so far, so she's here to stay.  Her name was Daisy but as we already have a cat called Petal, I wasn't keen on any more flower related names.  Annabelle kept calling her Beanie (the name of my sisters cat) so we chose something similar - Bindi.  She's nearly six months old, and is very affectionate and laid back.  I love her blue eyes and silky coat.

Earlier in the year I had fallen in love with this little kitten my Mum was fostering.  Her name was Louise and I was working on my husband as I was keen to adopt her.  Sadly, it wasn't to be though as she passed away quite suddenly for an unknown reason.  I was very sad, I think she'd have been full of character!

On to happier things.  For those of you interested in my other antique samplers I mentioned in my previous post, here's the second one I purchased.  It's Olive Smith 1831.

The verse says 'There is beyond the sky, A heaven of joy and love, And holy children when they die, Go to that world above.  Olive Smith 1831'.

I will save the third one for another post, so I have something to share (as I haven't managed any stitching since the house move!).