Friday, March 13, 2015

High praise

Today I got out my Growing Like a Tree sampler (it's a Moira Blackburn design). I gave it an iron to see if I could reinspire myself to get this beauty finished. I plan to put a few stitches in this weekend. As you can see I really am on the homestretch, you would think I would just get it done!

Just after I ironed it a certain little lady woke up from a nap. She was very curious. So I laid it out over the footstool for her to look at, and she ran her hands over it and went 'Wow!'. I took that as very high praise :-)

I found this photo of my niece Phoebe's annual Christmas ornament this evening. I forgot to share it on my blog last year. I'm not as happy with it as others I've made in years gone by, but I still quite like it. It's on perforated paper and had a charm and some tassles that needed to be made.

Some of you may recall that last year my DH and I had close encounters with lions and cheetahs, and that we were supposed to meet the giraffes that day too (however, it was a cold day and the giraffes couldn't be enticed out of their heated enclosure). Well, we finally met them a few weeks ago. We didn't think it would be as exciting as meeting big cats, but wow when you are standing at ground level and they walk towards you, you really appreciate how tall and magnificent they are. Even this photo doesn't capture their height or presence. It was an awesome 30 minutes!

I hope you have a fabulous and stitchy weekend!