Friday, October 03, 2014

Thank you Ann

A big thank you to the lovely Ann in Scotland. Last week I received a wonderful package from her which included this beautiful project pouch, a Prairie Schooler chart, a bar of Caramac (mmm, yum!) and a lovely Fuschia card.

The pouch is going to be great for storing my projects in, and keeping my scissors away from small exploring hands.

It was very generous of you Ann, so thank you again!

Last weekend we took Annabelle to the zoo. She had a fantastic time looking at the animals (she'd have chased them if she could have). One of my hopes for her before she was born was that she would become an animal lover, and that certainly has been fulfilled already.

We had some bad news last week. We were told that things are not looking good for our cat Tess, who has had recurring health problems for a number of years. She was a stray that turned up at our house in 2005. My husband recently confessed to me that he let her into our house, she didn't just wander in one morning while he was having his breakfast like he had me believe all these years. :-) I really don't want to lose her :( and I am not giving up hope. She's always been a feisty little thing and has actually perked up and gained a bit of weight since her last vet appointment.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and get lots of stitching in!