Thursday, July 17, 2014

Annabelle turned ONE!

Annabelle turned one on 15 July! The last year has been amazing, the only thing I would change is for it to have gone a little slower. :)

We threw Annabelle a party on Saturday. It was a lovely occasion, but too overwhelming for her at times.

For her actual birthday we headed north to one of our favourite holiday destinations Mt Maunganui. It has quite a different climate than where I live at the bottom end of the North Island. There were actually people on the beach in their swimsuits! (Back home today there is a dusting of snow on the hills).

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of Annabelle's birthday we took a walk around the base track of the Mount, and my Dad took a tumble on the uneven path (basically he face planted into the ground). Oh my, I have never seen so much blood pour out of someone. So off to the medical centre we went. We cut our trip short and came home the next day.

Here are a couple of photos of beautiful Mt Manganui. It sits on a spit, and the other side has beautiful sandy beaches that go on for miles. It is amazing in the winter and the summer time!

I've recently started scrapping my photos of Annabelle with the Project Life system. I have scrapbooked in the past, but hate all the mess - so Project Life helps cut down on that. I'm enjoying it so far! I've been a bit slow with my stitching lately with everything else that has been going on, so don't have any to share this post.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and as a pressie from my husband on Saturday I am going to the zoo for not one, not two, but THREE animal encounters. I'm going to meet cheetahs, lions and the giraffes up close. I love animals, so it's the perfect pressie. The weather forecast is for sun but it won't be very warm, but that's OK I met red pandas at the zoo a few years back in the pouring rain and it was still awesome!

Sorry I didn't get around to replying to those who left comments recently. I do definitely read them all and love hearing from you. Hope you're all having a great week.


Brigitte said...

Happy birthday to your little sweetie. And Happy Birthday to you, too. Have fun at the zoo.
I hope your father has recovered from his fall.
Wonderful pictures from your short vacation!

Carol said...

Oh, how fast this year has flown, Rowyn!! I wish your little sweetheart a wonderful birthday and also one to yourself. I would love the animal encounter time at the zoo, too! Had one experience last summer and it was just delightful :)

I do hope your dad is okay--that must have been so scary. Loved the photos of Mt. Manganui--NZ is definitely on my "must-visit" list!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Belated birthday wishes for Annabelle and early wishes for you Rowyn. Your photos are lovely, it's a pleasure to see your country and the lovely areas you visit. Your zoo trip sounds like my dream gift too - I love animals (as long as they have fur) - the big cats especially and giraffes always look so gentle - enjoy it.

Vickie said...

I actually had to read that twice! Could not believe Annabelle is one already! Happy Birthday to you both. :) Sure hope your father is healing well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you both!. She looks so grown up in that top photo. Hope your dad is on the mend.
Project life is fun, I enjoy if, even if I am behind at the moment!!. I look forward to zoo photos - being up close to big cats would be a dream of mine.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday little Annabelle! Ahh I just want to give her a cuddle, she has such a cute expression there!

Happy Birthday to you, Rowyn! I hope you have a wonderful day and that celebrations (spoiling) carries into the weekend!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday to you and Annabelle! Time does fly! I hope you have an excellent time at your zoo event. Looks like you had a lovely holiday...the photos are terrific. I hope that your dad is feeling better after his tumble. How scary!

Jenny said...

Ahh, Mount Maunganui... we love walking around the base track but so sorry to hear about your poor Dad! Hope he is on the mend!

Happy birthday to both you and Annabelle :o) Enjoy your animal encounters, sounds amazing!

P.S. I enjoy scrapbooking, too, but am so behind it's overwhelming... have been thinking of starting a Project Life album for a while, might be just what I need to help get caught up again!

Barb said...

Annabelle is just beautiful. A very Happy Birthday to you both. My DD and I have birthdays only one week apart. We are also very close in spirit! I know the same will be true for you and your sweet little daughter. I am sorry to hear of your Dad's accident. That was a very pretty area. Too bad your visit was cut short. Enjoy the encounters!

Andrea said...

Is it really a year! Hope the animal encounters have gone well and you still have all of your fingers! It sounds wonderful. Beautiful views. Hope your Dad is OK.

Von said...

Annabelle is a year already?! Happy birthday sweet one!! And a happy one to you too, Rowyn!

Hope your dad is ok! My cousin recently took a similar tumble down the side of a hill while hiking - nothing seriously hurt, but badly shaken up and bruised.