Friday, June 13, 2014

Busy busy

Hi everyone

I finished up Part 6 of Frosty Forest the other week, and Part 7 arrived a few days ago. It's hard to believe that there are only two more parts to go after this. Please excuse the wrinkles.

I recently joined our local library, and borrowed an All Our Yesterdays book from the craft section. It reignited an old love of these designs. So I started a sweet design called 'By the Sea'. I have lots of AOY patterns in my stash, so there might be a few more in the future.

Here's my progress on Blackbird Designs Her Sampler. I think that will be it for new starts for a while. I really should get some WIPs finished up. I cleaned out my craft drawers the other day, and there were a few more there than I realised. How old is your oldest WIP? Do you have lots? Have you ever given up on a WIP, and if so what did you do with it? I'd be interested in hearing your answers.

The same day Part 7 of Frosty Forest arrived, this Lizzie Kate chart popped through the letterbox. I loved this little design when I first saw it, so when an ONS was having a sale recently I knew exactly what I was going to order. (Annabelle was only 7 days old in this photo).

Here's my little cherub a few days ago. Next month she'll be turning one. That saying about babies not keeping, is so very true. I love that she is growing up, having fun, exploring new things... but I do miss those newborn snuggly days where she'd fall asleep on me and I could hold her close without having my hair pulled, a finger in my mouth or an accidental poke in the eye. lol :)

I got some amazing news a few weeks back. My employer is allowing me to work part-time and from home on a permanent basis. Wow! My boss told me to submit my dream return to work option, so I did and the firm agreed. I am soooo happy that I get to be a Mum to my baby and can continue to work for my employer. The thought of having to relinquish some of my responsibility for Annabelle (i.e. putting her in the care of someone else) had been distressing me and giving me restless nights for many, many months. I have worked for my employer since I left school, and they have always been very generous and great people to work for. I'm feeling incredibly lucky right now!

I hope you have lots of stitching lined up for your weekend!