Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blackbird Designs SAL

Have you seen the pretty SAL from Blackbird Designs that was released this week? (If not, then you can click here).

I don't need another new start, but I figured it could be justified if I could gather together the supplies from my stash. I managed to pull out some thread colours and fabric I was happy with. Here they are -

As I was taking the photo above I saw someone's eyes light up, and I knew what was coming next.... roll, roll, roll, GRAB....

Annabelle will be 10 months old this week. Somebody STOP THE CLOCK!

I took her to her first music/baby group this week. It melted my heart just how much she enjoyed herself with the other babies, songs, stories and toys. We'll definitely make that a regular occurrence.

It's nice seeing Spring photos on blogs from the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Spring is my favourite season. It's such a wonderful time when the garden starts to wake up, the days get lighter for longer and the sun comes out again. Right now, it's looking rather Autumnal in my backyard -

Of course, whenever I'm outside I have company. I was trying to get a nice picture of Meg, but she started clowning about! Silly Meggy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets lots of stitching in.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Frosty Forest - part 5

I finished up part 5 of Frosty Forest yesterday. I can't wait until I have them all completed, this is such a cute series.

I've had a few questions about this series, so here are the details for curious minds -

I'm stitching this with the recommended threads and fabric. I'm on auto ship from Cynthia at Beach Cottage Stitchers (she charges actual postage, which is great if you live overseas!). The auto ship includes the fabric (first month only obviously), chart, DMC threads, specialty threads and the button. I think I might stop with the DMC threads for the final parts though as I am ending up with a DMC overload. Also, if you're thinking of stitching this I don't think you necessarily need the specialty threads. A lot of the variation in the cottages is actually two close shades of DMC used alternately.

I went with the recommended layout which I think I saw on the Country Cottage Needleworks Facebook page, but can also be found on Nikki's blog - here. I didn't deviate because (a) I'm not that imaginative (b) when I started I didn't know what the parts looked like.

The only change I wish I had made is stitching on fabric with a little bit of sparkle. While I dislike the cold of a frosty morning, I do love how pretty it can look as the sun comes up and glistens on the frost.

Well, a certain little lady has just woken up so I had better bust a move. Have a great week!