Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catching up

I recently finished up part four of the Frosty Forest series. As usual, I can't wait for the next part to arrive. It should arrive this coming week.

I decided to put some stitches into a couple of my WIPs, rather than starting something new. So out came Growing Like a Tree (a Moira Blackburn sampler). I can see an end in sight with this one.

I've also been working on Freelove Hazard by the Scarlet Letter. The main part is finished and I'm working on the border. The border is quite intensive as it is all stitched over one.

I've had a few comments about achieving quite a bit of stitching while having a small baby to look after. I basically only get a few hours in the evening to stitch. It's how I wind down after busy days looking after Annabelle and working (I currently do 10 hours a week from home for my employer). I try and fit as much as possible into my days while my little one sleeps.

Speaking of my little one, in a few days time she'll be 9 months old. She is such a joy, so happy and laid back. Always laughing and already showing a love of animals.

And speaking of time flying, would you believe that my niece Phoebe turns 5 years old on Monday and starts school the same day! She is such a crack up. She came to my house for lunch the other week and I couldn't find my make up bag for her to play with, so she only had some lipstick on. A few minutes after applying it she says 'It's going to be a bad day' then she paused for a bit... 'without any mascara'. lol

I'm currently enjoying following the Royal Tour of New Zealand via the news and internet. Prince William and Catherine are here with baby George. They passed by the end of our street the other day, but Annabelle needed a nap and by the time she woke up they had already passed. That was a shame, I would love to have been able to tell Annabelle in years to come that we had given them a wave. There are other opportunities to see them, but I don't like the thought of taking Annabelle out into huge crowds and in the miserable weather we're having. I saw Prince Charles and Camilla in 2012, and as a child I saw Princess Diana (a fleeting glimpse as she passed by). Maybe sometime in the future we'll get an opportunity.

Hope you have a great stitchy weekend!


Vickie said...

What wonderful, wonderful WIPs you have. Your niece is so funny. Sweet Annabelle is adorable.

Carol said...

I'm sure if little George had been lucky enough to lay eyes on your Annabelle, it would have been love at first sight. What a truly beautiful baby you have, Rowyn (takes after her darling cousin Phoebe, I'd say!).

Lovely stitching and I know you'll have Growing Like a Tree finished in no time... It is really stunning!

Melissa said...

Annabelle just puts a smile on my face every time I see her. She's a sweetie. And Phoebe, I remember seeing her baby photos not too long ago! I had to laugh at her "bad day without mascara" comment!

Love the stitching. The Moira B one is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is just beautiful Rowyn. I love the growing tree sampler. And Annabelle, she is so gorgeous! It's such a fun age!.
I have a question regarding frosty forest - have you laid it out how they suggest? It puzzles me how everyone is doing it like this & makes me wonder what the end result will be.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely to see a photo of Annabelle, she's coming on a treat. The MB sampler is very impressive, I'd be tempted to push on and finish it - you're so close.

Von said...

Enjoyed seeing all the progress on your wips, Rowyn! And sweet little Annabelle, oh my goodness! :)

stitchersanon said...

Lovely pics...gorgeous wee bairns! Great progress on the most mums, we fit it in when we can!

Barb said...

Both of the little girls are adorable!! Your stitching is wonderful!! So many beautiful projects. I did see the Royals in your country on the news. He is a cute little guy (Prince George, that is)

Chris said...

Annabelle is so sweet and Phoebe is a hoot!
You are getting a lot of beautiful stitching done. I am enjoying seeing the Frosty series grow.
Have a wonderful week!

ricketyjo said...

Loving your frosty series, that are such lovely colours. And Annabelle is a total cutie! Have a lovely week!

Andrea said...

Annabelle is such a cute girlie. Wonderful stitching. Have a good week.

ally said...

What beautiful stitching projects

Karoline said...

Your projects are looking lovely, looking forward to seeing the completed Growing like a tree.

Cute photos of Annabelle and Pheobe

Anne said...

I've been following the tour too and just love the photos of George. He is so adorable as is your little gal!! I bet they would make a great couple!! Wonderful stitching Rowyn! I love your Moira Blackburn sampler. So large and gorgeous!! It'll be quite the happy day when the last stitch goes in!!

Brigitte said...

Such lovely family pictures. Annabelle and Phebe are so sweet. I can imagine that you sometimes have to steal the time for stitching. But you are doing so well on your WIPs. I love the Moira Blackburn sampler, in fact I love all her n but it' a while since I stitched one of hers.

Crazee4books said...

Wow Rowyn,

I'm looking at five year old Phoebe's picture and remembering all the times you'd post baby pics of her on your blog back in the day. Where
does the time go?? She's a lovely little girly-
girl now.

I am so in love with your Frosty Forest series.
Are you putting each square in a pre-determined
spot or just wherever you feel like it? I have to
admit that this series is the only place that I
want to see any snow for the next eight months
or so. Still waiting for some long lasting warm
weather here. Our last snow fall ... I hope ...
was on April 15th!!!

Your two WIPS are spectacular!!! Wow!!

Annabelle is a sweetie!! Nine months old
already? And of course she loves animals!
How could she not?