Monday, February 03, 2014

Giveaway winner and TUSAL

Hi everyone

Earlier today I had my trusty assistant draw the winner of the 500 posts giveaway. My assistant was happy to grab the bowl and delve right in there. Annabelle ended up grabbing a number of names, but the last name stuck in her hand (after slumping to the right since she hasn't mastered sitting up yet) was Kiwi Rach.

Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking part. Please email me your snail mail address when you get a chance Rach. In the meantime I'll work on your prize.

I also nearly forgot to do my TUSAL update, so I had my assistant do the modelling for that too. (Yikes, I didn't expect her to pick up the bowl!). In here are the ORTS for the Frosty Forest series, the French Baby Carriage by JBW Designs and for Midnight Ride by Blackbird Designs which I have recently started.

If you want to join in the TUSAL details can be found here and here

Have a great week!