Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This and That

I finished up the first block of the Frosty Forest series last night. Although, I think my raccoon looks like he is stuck in the headlights of an oncoming car. I wasn't sure how many times to wrap my thread around my needle. The chart recommends stitching the French knots in one strand of thread and the gap seemed sooo large that I went around six times! I definitely overdid it, so will correct that later.

Snowy Deer arrived in the mail today, so how is that for great timing - I can just keep on stitching.

Last night I made a start on French Country Baby Carriage by JBW Designs. I am stitching it using Crescent Colours 'Clay Pot'. It will be personalised for Annabelle, who is six months old today (since I never got around to stitching her a birth sampler - although I have finally seen one I very much like!).

Here she is about 11 days old. Looking back at photos she was so very tiny (a month early and some other small problems), but she is such a happy, smiley, placid, funny little girl who has grown so much that we can happily forget all of lifes less shiney moments encountered along the way.

We finally found a suitable friend for my bunny Cola. Meet Millie. Oh boy she is cute.

It is quite hard finding companions for rabbits. I like my rabbits to be around the same size in case of any dust ups, and most of them have very strong/dominant personalities (even though we like to think of them as sweet and fluffy). However, so far so good with Cola and Millie so hopefully they will keep each other company for a good many years.

Have any of my readers suffered from ovarian cysts? I ended up at A&E on Saturday morning after being struck by a sudden and intense pain. I nearly blacked out during this odd episode and they think it was possibly an ovarian cyst that ruptured. I have never had anything like it before. The Doctor says I may never have one ever again, and that would be fine with me! I was also very lucky that my DH was home and that I was able to get Annabelle back in her cot safely before my head went fuzzy. I'll eventually receive an appointment for an ultrasound to check things out (although I think that will be closing the barn gate after the horse has bolted).

I hope you are all having a great week and getting lots of stitching in.


Barb said...

Some great stitching! Annabelle was even cute as a tiny baby! My sister had an ovarian cyst. I do know when it started, she was in a lot of pain. It was many years ago and she has been fine ever since.

Brigitte said...

This is a great series and I love the racoon. I'm still thinking about buying and stitching this series too but I have so much in my stash that it wouldn't be wise to buy something new.
A very nice new start - I love the colour you are stitching it with.

Sounds a bit scary, that sudden pain you felt, but I hope it won't return. But you will know more after the scan.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching . your baby is so cute.
Wishing you all the best.

krayolakris said...

I had similar problem with the cysts. Good news is, they eventually go away!

Vickie said...

Very cute Rowyn. I do so hope they just go away as people are suggesting.

Melissa said...

Rowyn, I'm sorry you had that episode with the ovarian cyst. It sounds scary to be suddenly struck with such intense pain. I'm glad you are ok.

That Annabelle is such a sweetheart - adorable! Second cutest is Millie with those dark eyes. I'm learning more about rabbits with your blog and Glenna's!

Lovely stitching, BTW!

Jan Gartlan said...

Such gorgeous stitching! I love the raccoon. I hope your cuts has settled completely. The pain sounded awful.

Jan Gartlan said...

That is meant to read cyst not cuts sorry. What a dear little girl you have.

Carol said...

Oh, that cyst sounds very scary, Rowyn--I hope it never recurs... Hopefully, the scan will be all clear.

Love your raccoon--had to laugh when you said you wrapped the thread around six times! I have such a hard time with French knots. Just can't seem to ever make them look uniform.

Little Annabelle is six months?!! Impossible--where have the months gone. I'm so glad she is such a sweet, easy, and beautiful baby for you!

Crazee4books said...

Hey Rowyn!!

Your first Frosty Forest square is so cute!! Love that touch of blue around the windows and on the door. And your ... uh .... wide eyed raccoon certainly is a dapper fellow.

Love the colours for French Country Baby Carriage and can't wait to see more of it.

Oh, Miss Annabelle sure was a sweetie at
11 days old ... and of course still is. Glad to hear that everything worked out fine for her health wise. Sweet thing.

Millie is beautiful!! Look at those chocolate coloured ears and face!! Her fur looks so soft ... I want to reach out and stroke the photo. Hope she and Cola get along.

I've been told I have a cyst in one of my ovaries but I had no idea that they could ... gulp!!! .... rupture!! Ouch!!! I'll bet that stung! Hope you're okay now and don't have any further
issues there. (shudder!!!)

Take care Rowyn!!!

Andrea said...

A great start to Frosty Forest. Never had cysts ... and I never want to by the sound of them! Hope you are feeling better and your scan is clear.

Jeanne said...

Enjoyed your last few posts. Frosty Forest is looking great, I just purchased the first 2 patterns of this series but probably won't start it for awhile. I also received that Forget Me Not sampler kit from a friend so hope mine turns out as nice as yours! Annabelle is just adorable, how happy she must make you!

I've had cysts removed before but never burst thankfully. Hope you will be feeling 100% soon! They are very common unfortunately.

Karoline said...

Cute finish, frosty forest is lovely and great new start.

I had a similar turn when Rosie was about the same age as Annabelle, I had loads of tests but they couldn't find anything wrong :/

Suzanne said...

Lovely stitching!

Hope you are feeling better and recover well from this event. How very scary!

ricketyjo said...

Wonderful Stitching and love the photographs of Annabelle and your new bunny!
Hope that you are feeling much better now.