Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Wow, it has been two months since my last post and Christmas is a week away. How time flies!

Is anyone else stitching Carol's Sew Advent SAL? Here is my progress. I am always a day behind due to the time difference and only having stitching time in the evenings. Tonight I'll stitch Day 17, and just before bedtime Day 18 will appear in my email inbox. It is working up to be a lovely piece.

I will soon be starting another regular stitch - Country Cottage Needlworks 'Frosty Forest' series. The first instalment arrived this week.

Since I last posted I have finished Giggsy's memorial sampler and two small Christmas pieces. I will share those in another post.

Annabelle is now 5 months old! She is starting to hold her own head up, and rolled onto her side last week. She has an amazing smile that makes her whole face light up, giggles at herself in the mirror and is starting to do big belly laughs. She has been on three trips away since she was born and has turned out to be a great little traveller. Being a Mum is hard work though as I am sure many of you know! :-)

If I don't manage to make another post before the 25th, I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and festive season!

P.S. - I'm not quite sure why the photos in this post appear so small. I can't seem to make them bigger, and even clicking on them doesn't help. (Shrug! Technology, grr)


Anonymous said...

Annabel is just adorable!.
I look forward to seeing you CCN series progress - I love their charts. Do you order from a NZ shop/website, or overseas?

Brigitte said...

I'm not stitching Carol's SAL but have seen it on several blogs - it looks so great and seems to be easy to keep up to date. Great stitching!
Wishing you a great Christmas holiday.

Rowyn said...

Hi Rach, I order most of my stash from the USA. Either through the Silver Needle, Anitas Little Stitches or Beach Cottage Stitchers (who I'm getting the Frosty Forest series through). They all seem to charge you actual postage, whereas some other companies seem to do a higher flat rate. I tend to email first to ask about postage these days.

Have you heard of Broomfields in Christchurch? They seem to have a pretty good selection and I've ordered twice through them.

Vickie said...

Annabelle is so gorgeous!
Merry,Merry Christmas!

Catherine said...

You are blessed with an adorable little girl! I am sure you are looking forward to her first Christmas. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Annabelle is growing and changing so quickly, she's beautiful. I'm glad you're finding time to stitch and you're so, so right that motherhood is hard work. The first Christmas with a baby is a special one, enjoy it Rowyn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rowyn, yes I know of Broomfields but haven't been to look yet. I came back prepared - have 5 fully kitted projects plus a partial kit and numourous charts!, I'll look into those US websites though for future reference :-)

Barb said...

What an adorable little girl!! She is so close to the age of my grand daughter. Hannah was born in June. The Advent piece is beautiful. I had not seen it before.

Chris said...

Your Advent SAL looks wonderful.
5 months already! She is so sweet :)