Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Annabelle is tucked up in bed, and I'm about to get my stitching out. Ohh, the excitement of New Year's Eve. lol. But before I do any stitching I thought I would do a blog post to show you my finished Sew Advent SAL. I really love how it turned out. I think I have some bell pull ends in my stash drawers, so might have a go at finishing it that way.

As mentioned in an earlier post we had a few days away up north at beautiful Mt Maunganui. We mostly spent our time walking around the mountain and relaxing by the beach and in the apartment. Annabelle still needed her routine of feeding, naps and an early bedtime, so it was a refreshing change of holiday pace for us.

I had some other nice scenery pics I was going to share with you, but can't find them at the moment (Santa came early and I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 for Christmas. I have taken over 1000 photos already, but I'm still trying to get a handle on the automatic back ups and the phone sending them off to Dropbox etc. I guess I'll be back when I've located them!).

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year's Eve! Happy new year.


Annette-California said...

Oh your Advent Sal is stunning and so beautiful. Congrats on finishing!
You must have been a good girl - great gift from Santa:)
Happy New Year - love Annette

Lee said...

Love your sampler something for Annabelle to treasure when she is older. from your Photos you appear to have missed the bad weather that has been around the country.
happy new Year

butterfly said...

Lovely SAL and great photos.

Anonymous said...

your sampler is stunning - i love the touches of red and green amongst the white. i look forward to seeing how you finish it.
that top pic of the mount is stunning. i've seen more blue sky in those 2 pics than i've seen down here in CHCH all week!.
Happy New Year!.

Chris said...

Happy New Year Rowyn!!
What a beautiful place you visited. I love seeing your travel pictures!

Vickie said...

Your sampler is beautiful. The pictures are awesome. May God richly bless you all in the coming year.

Andrea said...

A beautiful finish.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Faye said...

Your stitchery is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I'd love to see a close-up if you get a chance. Also, would you share the name of the pattern so we could look it up?
Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches and beautiful photos! Have a wonderful New Years!

Katie said...

Happy new year! What beautiful pictures. :0)

Barb said...

The Advent SAL is just beautiful!!