Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playing catch up

It is definitely harder to find time to do small things these days, but today I have managed to give my cross stitches a quick once over with the iron so I can share them here.

First up is Sailing Mice by Margaret Sherry. I have long loved these little mice and having a baby seemed like the perfect excuse to stitch them. This design is destined for the wall of Annabelle's room. I had been going to frame it while I was on leave awaiting her arrival, but as mentioned in my last post she turned out to be an early bird (just like her Mum and Dad - DH and I are always early for everything - even when we try not to be, lol).

I also finished up LHN's Old Nantucket a while back. I love the colours in this one and the fabric (WDW Cocoa). This was such a pleasurable stitch (you can tell I enjoyed it, because I don't often finish large designs within a year!).

I was making some great progress on my Scarlet Letter piece - Freelove Hazard. That's come to a bit of a halt, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Annabelle has been inundated with love, kindness and gifts from all around the world in the five and a half weeks since she arrived. Last week a squishy package turned up in the letterbox all the way from Cornwall! The lovely and generous Nicola sent Annabelle this beautiful jersey and a card featuring Poppy and Blue! :-) I can't wait until Annabelle is big enough to fit it. Thank you again Nicola for this gorgeous gift!

Annabelle is starting to stir, so I'd better make tracks. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Surprise arrival

I have some stitching finishes to share, but I will save those for another post and show you my most recent creation...

Our girl wasn't due until 8 August, but surprised us by arriving three and a half weeks early. I had only finished up at work on 12 July, and things started happening the very next morning. At that stage DH and I had no idea how close we were to meeting our daughter. :-) Although she caught us a bit off guard, we are delighted she is here!

We were finally allowed home from hopsital on the Thursday (which was also my birthday) - and there was a gift waiting for Annabelle from our good friend Kathy. Get a look at these handmade bibs and burp cloths. Aren't they amazing?

I have to confess that I still haven't had the heart to get them dirty yet, and visitors are blown away that someone was so kind to hand make these beautiful gifts. Thanks again Kathy! xx

I hope to be back soon to show you my stitching finishes.