Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Phoebe's 2012 Christmas ornament

I finally settled on Just Nan's Christmas mouse for Phoebe's 2012 ornament. I was a bit worried about the finishing, and although it's not perfect, it was easier than expected. I was quite chuffed with the result...

I nearly missed out on getting this limited edition kit. I dithered a while, and once I made up my mind I had trouble tracking down somewhere that still had it in stock. Luckily I found an ONS that had it, it arrived quickly and I managed to get it stitched, finished and delivered with time to spare before Santa arrives next week.

Of course, the first thing Phoebe (who is three and a half) did was pull the pin out of it. LOL.

Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Two days of work to go before a nice two week break - and summer has arrived, we've had some glorious weather lately. I hope it sticks around.

Merry Christmas!