Thursday, November 29, 2012

Freelove Hazard 1792

I am sure most people know about Nicola's new Scarlet Letter Year blog and challenge by now. What a cool idea to inspire others to get stitching and celebrate her milestone birthday coming up in February! (If you haven't come across the blog yet, you can find it - here)

After many hours perusing the internet, I finally decided to stitch Freelove Hazard 1792. I have the kit on order and can't wait for it to arrive.

I didn't want to pick a seriously large piece (Dorothy Walpole for example, which is my absolute favourite) until I finish my Growing Like a Tree sampler.

The Freelove Hazard sampler seems a little more poignant and meaningful regarding the brevity of life after spending Tuesday evening in the A&E ward of the local hospital. My sister was in a serious car accident, and is really lucky to be alive. Thankfully she is not one flower who is going to wither - but hells bells, it shocked everyone to the core. Even though she is going to be OK, it is really difficult to stop thinking about the details and what could have been.

Oddly, my last words to her that morning were 'You should get Dad to drive you today' (I was sick on Tuesday and I usually drive her to work in my car). She said 'Nah, I'm happy to drive'.

As someone has said to me since, you never know what is going to happen five minutes from now and it is so true. So remember to make the most of the days you are given, your loved ones... and your stitching time! :-)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching up

Thank you for those who took the time to leave some kind words on my last post about my bunny Tiggy. She is still much missed, and it is hard to believe she has gone forever.

You may know that rabbits form strong bonds and bonded pairs should never be separated, so it wasn't really surprising that Cola was looking a little lost and sad himself. So Cola, DH and I hopped along to an animal rescue centre and let him run around with a little grey friendly bunny who my Mum (the animal welfare officer) thought he might get along with. The meeting went reasonably well and a few days later home came Charlie. He is a dutch dwarf and about the same age as Cola.

Charlie is such a happy little bunny. He and Cola are not yet firm friends, but they are getting there slowly. Here is a photo of Charlie and Tess (who can't get enough of rolling around in the hay!).

I'm currently working on three projects - Old Nantucket, Lil' Jack and the Kitty and Growing Like a Tree. There's no photo of Old Nantucket, as the photo I took looked horribly wrinkly. But here are pics of the other two (both modelled by Meg).

We recently had a royal visit. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall made a short trip to Wellington. So I popped along to the waterfront in my lunch break and got to see them. They were quite close, but surrounded by people.

Here is what they came to see - wakas (Maori canoes). As they paddled off they sang/chanted a waiata. It was very impressive!

Back in October we had a lovely long weekend at the beach. We own a business with my BIL, SIL and a friend. It has become a bit of a tradition to go away together each Labour weekend (we jokingly refer to it as the Annual General Meeting). DH and I were the first to arrive on the Friday night, and while we waited for the others to get there we walked along the beach. On our way back the sun was starting to go down so we lingered a while and were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.

The weather here has been great this weekend, I think summer is finally getting here. Yesterday my DH did an aerobatic flight where he got to 'enjoy' loop de loops, barrel rolls, weightlessness and speeds of 260 km an hour while plummeting towards the sea out at Kapiti. He LOVED it. My husband is pretty fearless (I am sure that is not normal, lol) and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although, I have to say he did look pretty pale on his return and the colour only returned to his cheeks after a stop at a cafe for coffee and a muffin. Luckily they go out over the sea to do aerobatics so I didn't have to watch, so I just got to take this bad pic on my mobile while he and the instructor took off.

I will finish up with a photo of my niece Phoebe (now three and a half), since I haven't shared one for a while. I bought her a book recently 'cool' she said and then threw it to the side, quickly followed by 'have you still got Tom on your phone' (the Talking Tom app!). She forgets nothing and knows how to use an iPad (including keying in the number password!).

Hope your weekend is going well!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Goodnight Miss Tiggy

I adopted Tiggy back in 2008. I had, had my eye on another rabbit - a black one with a curly coat, but it got rehomed before I made up my mind I definitely wanted to adopt another animal.

I had seen Tiggy - a white rabbit with black eyeliner, and a tilted head (this can be caused by strokes, stress or viruses) - and having a soft spot for animals and worthy causes decided wholeheartedly I needed to adopt this bunny!

I couldn't bring her home straight away as we needed a cage. So my DH built her a nice big run. (He still reminds me that what I thought would cost us $100 to build, ended up costing closer to a $1000).

Luckily DH was onto it quick smart, and adoption day soon arrived. As I left the animal rescue centre a gruff staff member said to me 'she'll only last six months'. Tiggy was busy scratching around in the carry cage, so I retorted 'well she seems pretty lively to me'.

I can't remember how long it took, but her head tilt soon disappeared and we got to know what she liked and what she didn't like. She loved sultanas and would eat them out of your hand, she loved the cat tunnel my sister gave her (she loved being in it, under it, running through it) and if she didn't like where you put it she would move it. She didn't like normal carrots, but loved baby ones. Spinach was out, but lawn/garden weeds, mesculin salad and silverbeet were all in. She didn't like lino or wooden floors and needed towels put down or she just wouldn't move. She didn't mind when the cats jumped in her house, and if she was indoors she would give them a bit of a dust up (although they were safe if they stayed away from the towels).

I spent a lot of time worrying about Tiggy - was she too hot, was she too cold, was she happy, was she bored, was she lonely, did she want/need a friend or would that upset her.... so I always tried to do what was best for her.

Eventually I adopted Cola. It took a little while for them to get to know one another - but they had good fun chasing one another around the cage and through the cat tunnel. They loved to snuggle and would fight as to whose nose went underneath (obviously warmer and more comfy) and whose nose went on top.

On the cold nights when I would bring them in to their indoor cage, they would do what I would call the 'hot cross bun'. Tiggy would lie stretched out and Cola would lie across her forming a cross shape. It was very cute!

I took great pleasure in the fact Tiggy had been written off as only having six months to live, but had continued on and on. I always knew she would pass away eventually, but it didn't occur to me that would be anytime soon.

So I was very sad and shocked to find my sweet little bunny had passed away on Monday afternoon. Now that the tears have started to dry, I realise more than ever that I'm so glad to have had her in my life.

Tiggy will always be my first bunny love and never forgotten.

I've got a Tiggy shaped hole in my heart <3