Saturday, September 15, 2012

In like a lion

Planning on stitching Old Nantucket? Drawn to this design because you like the blue in it? Be warned... there is not a hint of blue in the recommended thread called 'Pebble'. (Pebble is the thread on the left in this photo). While I understand colours are hard to photograph, I was still disappointed. So I headed to my LNS yesterday to see if I could find something that matched the picture a bit more. I bought WDW Aqua and Morris Blue to choose from (the only colours they had which I thought might be more what I wanted). Now I have seen them in the daylight, I am leaning towards the Morris Blue. Anyway, here's where I am at...

Old Nantucket in progress

Spring has come in like a lion this year with some really wild weather over the past week. I am surprised that with the strong winds (winds that damaged the roof of our outdoor area) that all the blossoms on one of our trees haven't been blown away. Luckily they are still here to be enjoyed for a while longer...

Blossoms.  Spring.  Happy.

While I was out looking at my bedraggled garden (we simply haven't had any good weather at the weekends to get out there and clean it up) a flower of another sort popped up and wanted to say Hi. It's one of my kitties... Petal. :-)

Petal <3

Due to the facial injuries she received from her previous owner, when she is happy her tongue pops out the side of her mouth. She's a very happy cat, so it happens often! :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Devon said...

Don't you hate that I just order fabric off the net and it looked like a golden color, when I received it it was a orange nothing near what I saw,, your tree is beautiful and what a sweet kitty,,hope you have a goo weekend,,

Hazel said...

Love your blue threads. Petal is so cute. X

Annette-California said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted about the colors for Old Nantucket. You must be saying that the water is pebble (which is not blue as photoed, yes from your photo both blue threads look really good. I looked up the chart on line & enlarged it. Yep it's a grey color not blue. BUT Isn't it wonderful that we can change the colors? honestly either blue lloks great but i don't have them in person:) I've been drawen to ships lately - great design. We have a black cat to. Petal is precious. I'll be tuned in as to what color you go with.
love Annette

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! What differences in floss color. :(
Petal is precious. How sad that someone could cause such harm to a sweet cat.
I am loving your tree.♥

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I truly hate changing colours in a design, I find it takes so long and I'm never convinced that my choice is right. Petal is so cute I just want to reach into the screen and stroke her - why people hurt animals in this way is beyond me.

Gabi said...

Gosh, what happened to that poor cat of yours? Did she have a broken face? Good that she got a new home with you.
Love your stitching. Nantucket looks beautiful.
And our garden doesn't look better then yours. Boy the strong winds last week were bad, plush the buckets of rain. Is your garden also completely waterlogged? Ours surely is.

Kathy Ellen said...

I don't blame you a single bit for purchasing new threads so that the design looks the way you envisioned it! I can't tell you how many times I have done the same thing, because I was drawn to the design due to the way it looks in the photograph and want it to look the same way! Enjoy stitching it now!


Carol said...

I read about someone else complaining about the color of floss chosen for Nantucket. I much prefer the blue you've chosen. I just love that design :)

Oh, I'm so glad Petal has found a good, safe home with you, sad that her previous owner mistreated her... Give her a hug for me!

Chris said...

I love your Nantucket start. I am drawn to the colorof the house too so it is disappointing to find that you had to find a substitute. I like the blue that you have chosen.
Petal looks like a sweet girl. I am so glad that she has you.

Catherine said...

You are it the first to mention the problem with the Pebble ~ I will definitely be changing to a blue when I get around to it. Or maybe not, time will tell.
Such a sweet kitty and so lucky to have found you.

Suzanne said...

Nice work on your stitching and lovely blue threads you have chosen.

I have a stack of Blueberry thread from GAST and half are a lovely blue/grey and the other half an almost deep purple. Same colour but very different dyelots. Perhaps the original was a very different dyelot to the Pebble you have.