Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a beautiful day

Here's a progress pic of Old Nantucket with the WDW Morris Blue. I think I'll stick with this one, although I'm not 100% happy with it (I still want the same blue as on the chart lol). What do you think? Has anyone else out there stitched this with a different blue - or even the Pebble? If so, I'd love for you to point me to your blog so I can have a look. Thanks in advance.

Old Nantucket progress

I had a half day today as I had a couple of appointments to attend. I was home by 2pm and able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this afternoon.

I puddled around in the backyard taking photos and enjoying the sunshine.

A few of my favourite things - blossoms, blue sky, cats and home

I spent an hour trying to tidy up my wildflower garden. I slogged it out while Tess watched. Typical cats! lol After an hour of not getting very far I decided I really need the help of DH to get it prepared for planting. It was perhaps a it ambitious to think I could clear it out in an afternoon. :-)

Instagram ~ It's a cats life - I slog it out while she watches

My cats love company in the garden. At one stage I had all four of them sitting on the deck with me. They are a bit like children at times, as they'll be lying down relaxing and then one chases another and it all turns to bedlam. I think you'll agree though that Giggsy looks pretty relaxed.


I'll leave you with one last photo from our Sunday drive of Scorching Bay near Wellington. It's a very popular spot, especially in summer. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you might be interested to know that Scorching Bay is where a lot of the actors used to hang out during filming of the first three movies.

Scorching Bay

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

In like a lion

Planning on stitching Old Nantucket? Drawn to this design because you like the blue in it? Be warned... there is not a hint of blue in the recommended thread called 'Pebble'. (Pebble is the thread on the left in this photo). While I understand colours are hard to photograph, I was still disappointed. So I headed to my LNS yesterday to see if I could find something that matched the picture a bit more. I bought WDW Aqua and Morris Blue to choose from (the only colours they had which I thought might be more what I wanted). Now I have seen them in the daylight, I am leaning towards the Morris Blue. Anyway, here's where I am at...

Old Nantucket in progress

Spring has come in like a lion this year with some really wild weather over the past week. I am surprised that with the strong winds (winds that damaged the roof of our outdoor area) that all the blossoms on one of our trees haven't been blown away. Luckily they are still here to be enjoyed for a while longer...

Blossoms.  Spring.  Happy.

While I was out looking at my bedraggled garden (we simply haven't had any good weather at the weekends to get out there and clean it up) a flower of another sort popped up and wanted to say Hi. It's one of my kitties... Petal. :-)

Petal <3

Due to the facial injuries she received from her previous owner, when she is happy her tongue pops out the side of her mouth. She's a very happy cat, so it happens often! :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Herald of spring

Look what I found flowering in my garden last week, daffodils! Yay (love Spring!).

Instagram ~ Herald of spring

I finished up Beach Cottage by CCN recently. I like how the design turned out, but wasn't so happy with the choice of fabric and its loose weave. I'll probably keep the rest of it for small designs.

CCN ~ Beach Cottage finish

Continuing on with the beach theme, I've made a start on LHN's Old Nantucket. Loving the colours in this one.

LHN ~ Old Nantucket WIP

Last up for todays post is some new stash. I bought 'Lil Jack and the Kitty' by Bent Creek with the last of my birthday money. I'm having to resist the urge to get started on this little cutie, since I have only just started on Old Nantucket! :-)

Lil Jack and the Kitty ~ cute new stash

I hope you've got plenty of stitching to keep you happy this weekend! Have a good one folks.