Saturday, June 30, 2012

In need of summer

This winter has gotten off to a chilly start.  One recent Sunday morning it was -4 degrees Celsius.  Brrr!  It made for a pretty view though.

With all this cold weather I've felt like stitching a lot more. Donna of By the Bay Needleart is offering a lovely summery SAL on her blog.  I desperately needed a summer fix of some kind, so got my supplies together and got stitching last night.  I love how it is turning out so far. 

I've also made a more progress on The Weavers since I last stopped by my blog.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Lee said...

A quick Hi to say I am back on line again minus all my email addresses and filed emails!!!!!

Catherine said...

Pretty stitches and wow, what a view!

Vickie said...

Thanks for sharing that pretty view! Your progress is great!

Jan said...

I'll trade seasons with you. It was 103F here yesterday and suppose to be 100F today. Thank goodness for AC. I love the photo. Looks so peaceful.

Carol said...

I'll send you some of our heat if you'll send some cold over here, Rowyn! It's been 35+ C here lately and very humid--truly miserable weather. Glad your summery stitching is bringing you some warmth--it sure is pretty :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I'll trade some temps with you. 109 degrees in Nashville--record breaking

Your stitching is lovely

Susan said...

I'm another that will trade the heat for some cold air right about now. I agree with you that the view is lovely!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

It's Canada's 145th birthday today ...
or to put it another way ... it's Canada
Day today and we've got a nice long
weekend to celebrate it. Fortunately
it's not too humid out ... just warm
and sunny.

Sorry. You can send this post back
to me next November when things
are chilling and snowy here and you're
enjoying the warmth and bliss of
Spring there.

I've said before, that picture of your
view is breathtaking indeed. I'd
plant myself on the deck and never

That By The Bay Needleart design
has some gorgeous colours in it.
I've always admired her designs
and thought of doing one sometime
but never got around to it yet. Must
add it to my very, very, very long
list. I look forward to seeing how
this will turn out.

Congrats on your finish of the
two beautiful BBD pieces. Love
the border around Farm House
and the colours in it. Remember
Me is simple but sweet.

The Weavers looks simple enough
but I suspect that I'd be getting
all messed up and confused with
those brown beams going all over
and every which way.


Veronica said...

That is indeed a gorgeous photo! Pretty WiPs you've got there.


Suzanne said...

We have some cold weather here as well, but definitely not that cold! I love your start on the SAL, it's such a pretty bright piece. Nice work on the Weaver's.

Anne said...

That is chilly Rowyn! BRRR!!! Stunning photo though. I think the world looks so gorgeous a bit chilly!! I've seen this SAL and I love it!! Such a happy sweet design. Lovely progress on the Weavers!!!

Karoline said...

Great view, your wips look lovely

Grit said...

Wow, das Fachwerkhaus wird ja wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße Grit