Friday, May 04, 2012

It's been a while

Unfortunately, I haven't felt like blogging lately - but this has had an upside, I've spent more time stitching.  I'll share more stitching photos soon, but for now will leave you with this little noticeboard hanger I made for my Mum.

My Mum called us up last Friday night and said she and my sister, and some other members of the community, had seen some strange lights in the sky.  This had us all very intrigued as to what it could have been.

Of course, a few days later the UFOs turned out to be IFOs (identified flying objects) - Chinese lanterns from a small local gathering.

I haven't spoken to my Mum yet to find out what she thought of it, but hopefully it gave her a laugh and will remind her in the future of the frenzy of excitement she whipped up around these parts.  lol

A question for you now - do you feel comfortable stitching in public?  I look forward to hearing your answers.


Carol said...

Oh, that is adorable, Rowyn!! Your mom will really get a kick out of the alien "calling card!"

Yes, I'm fine stitching in public--airports, doctor's offices, etc. I've often found that people are quite interested in my "needlepoint" or "knitting" (none ever know the correct term for cross stitching!!) and have had some lovely conversations with strangers about my work. How about you?

Vickie said...

Ha ha ha. That is a funny, cute gift for your mum. I stitch in public often. Like Carol, most people think I am doing needlepoint. I have had conversation with cross stitchers too though. :)

stitcheranon said...

I will stitch anywhere. I stitched through all my hospital appointments which made the most of the waiting time and even during my chemotherapy..drip in one are, same arm but still managed it.

I love the Alien piece..very cute!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

If I'm being honest Rowyn, the answer is no. I think that over here in the UK you don't see people stitching or knitting in public often, if at all, so it makes it even more of a novelty. I did it once, many years ago, when my son was in hospital and I spent endless hours just sitting and even then got lots of strange looks.

Edgar said...

I usually stitch when I travel and I always pass the time in terminals stitching - and most folks think I am doing needlepoint.

weustygirl said...

I have tried stitching in public before but found I did not get much done as people kept coming over to check out what I was doing. I use to stitch on the train on the way to work every day

Jan said...

Funny story! Such a cute calling card. I'm sure your mum will find it hilarious.
Yes, I stitch in public and proudly.

Sally said...

I've never really stitched in public but I think I would try it :)

Love the gift for your Mum!

Kathy A. said...

Oh what fun! I am sure it will make your mom laugh.
I stitch in public all the time Rowyn - in airports, on airplanes, at doctor's and dentist's office. Invariably someone will lean over to see what I am doing and have said some wonderful supportive things.

Catherine said...

Very funny story and cute hanger you made for your mom ~ you'll have to share with us how she likes it!
As for your question, I don't mind stitching in public at all. I met one of my now good friends because I was stitching at my son's swimming lessons and found out she was a stitcher too!