Friday, March 16, 2012

Curly Q Ewe progress

I looked back and discovered I started Curly Q Ewe back in 2009. I definitely plan to put my pedal to the metal (or the needle to the fabric) and get this finished up soon.

Curly-Q-Ewe WIP (this has been ongoing for far too long)

A number of you commented on the yellow flower in my last post. It is a Coneflower. Each time a new flower has appeared in my wildflower garden I have referred to the website where I bought the seeds to check out what they are. I have learnt a lot over the summer!


My garden has been confused by the odd summer we have experienced. Some parts think it is autumn (the leaves on the trees are changing colours) and others think it is spring (we have a late flowering lupin, a hydrangea which has just burst into bloom and a couple of trees with flowers on them that look suspiciously like blossoms!).

I have to say that I am quite anxious about winter this year. Last year we got snow for the first time. It was fun at first, until it got really heavy and lasted for several days. While it made for some lovely photos, it didn't make for a good time. I hope we don't get the same again this year! (New Zealand houses don't cope well with our usual winter climate, let alone weather extremes).

Look, no vehicles.  That's because we had to WALK home!!

Today I had the day off work. One of my sisters and I took my parents and my niece out for lunch, and then we went to the park. I had mentioned several weeks ago to Phoebe that one day we would go to the park together. About two weeks after that I got a text from my sister saying 'did you tell my daughter you would take her to the park, because she keeps mentioning it'. LOL. I got my act together after that and organised it. We had a really fun time!

My niece Phoebe and I

Then we went back to my parents house and did some crafting. You're never too young to learn, right? (Phoebe will be 3 years old next month) :-)

You're never too young to start crafting, right?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Vickie said...

Curly Q Ewe is looking great. What sweet little pictures of your neice.

Anonymous said...


Curly Q Ewe is coming on lovely.

Love that photo of the coneflower it's so bright and cheerful.

pam said...

Great progress on your piece. Never to early to start the creative juices

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Phoebe looks more grown up each time you post a photo. I've always liked this design, it's so pretty and appealing.

Kathy A. said...

Curly Q Ewe looks like you are close to a finish.
I love the photo of you and Phoebe. One to treasure for sure.

Sally said...

I love Curly Q Ewe. It's so cute.

Beautiful photos of Phoebe:)

I think anything is possible with this weird weather everywhere has been having!

valerie said...

Curly Q looks fantastic! You're close to a finish. And that photo of your house in the snow looks lovely even if the snow is cumbersome. I can't believe how grown Phoebe glad you all had a fun time at the park and crafting!

Catherine said...

Cute stitches! And looks like a fantastic time with your niece!

Cheryl said...

The photos on your blog are always so lovely!
Phoebes a cutie, same age as my Caleb x

Carol said...

Such a cute WIP, Rowyn...and you know how adorable I think Miss Phoebe is--thanks for my "Phoebe Fix" for the month!! You two sure look like you had a ball at the park :)

Pumpkin said...

Curly Q Ewe is coming along nicely. You can finish her no problem ;o)

You must have had a fun time with Phoebe. It's hard to believe she's going to be three already! WOW!

weustygirl said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. It is fantastic to see fellow kiwis sharing their stitching love. I have recently been given the Liebster aware for blogging and have passed this onto you as well. You can see the details of it on my blog Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent

Anne said...

Beautiful Curly Q Ewe!! I love the bees and the ewe :D Your niece and you are darling peeping through the peephole!! Sounds like you had a lovely time!!

Veronica said...

Curly Q Ewe is progressing well. I love the fabric you're stitching it on. What is it?

Phoebe looks like she's having tons of fun :)