Monday, February 20, 2012

All sorts

Those of you interested in samplers might find this link The Sampler Tearoom rather interesting. Thanks Karen!

The lovely Nicola is having a competition of funny sleeping positions for animals and humans! Here is my contribution.

About two years ago we found Meg asleep in the empty fruit bowl. She had never done it before, so we were very surprised.

Note to self - don't leave the fruit bowl empty in future

I think it was only a matter of weeks before we were even more surprised to find Giggsy (who is far bigger than Meg) also asleep in the fruit bowl! (He has always loved being in things - we have photos of him in the washing basket, in the bath, in boxes etc). What a gallah!

Now all the cats are doing it!!

We keep the fruit bowl full now :-) and they haven't shown any further interest in it since these photos were taken.

Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary. My aim is to do something memorable on each anniversary - on our first anniversary we took some of the family to the beautiful White Swan hotel/restaurant in Greytown, on our second anniversary we had a few days away in Taupo and on our third anniversary we will be... going to Kapiti Island! You might remember in a recent post I said it was somewhere I wanted to go - and luckily I managed to get hold of two permits for the 21st (the permits are the way the conservation department control the flow of visitors to the island, to protect it). I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll get some good photos to share with you (the weather was gorgeous today and with any luck it will stick around for tomorrow).

Wedding-Paul 055

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Hazel said...

Happy anniversary for tomorrow. Love the cat in the fruitbowl. X

loulee said...

Happy Anniversary. I wish you many many more.
Enjoy your day.

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love your pic of Meg! I hope you win!

Nicola said...

Thank you for participating in little competition. It is good fun to share those moments our pets give us.

Congratulations on you wedding anniversary and I look forward to seeing your photos of the trip. i always enjoy the ones you share.

The happiness of your special day shines through on your photograph. I adore the little boys expression.

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary, lovely wedding photo. Oh dear those cat photos are just too funny!!

valerie said...

Awww, the kitties are so cute! Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Catherine said...

The cats in the bowl made me smile! Too funny!
Happy Anniversary! Love the look on the little boy's face!

Carol said...

Ha ha--the kitties are adorable in the bowl, Rowyn!! And what a lovely wedding party--especially that pretty bride :) Wishing you and your dear husband many more happy years together!

Pumpkin said...

ROFL!!!! Okay, that CANNOT be comfortable!

That's wonderful Rowyn! What a gorgeous couple :o) I love your wedding photo. Happy Anniversary!

Blu said...

Happy anniversary!

I think the one in the fish tank is a winner LOL

Nicky said...

Great kitty pics Rowyn. Your wedding pic is gorgeous, congratulations on your anniversary!

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Haha great pics of Meg and Giggsy, they do not look comfortable at all!! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary at Kapit Island - look forward to seeing your photos, which are always fantastic, you have such amazing scenery and such blue skies (which we don't see a lot of here in the UK!)

Cheryl said...

Happy belated anniversary! Love the wedding photo. Your dress is just so beautiful