Monday, August 08, 2011

You're not going to believe this....

I finished a finish straight away! Well almost, I just have to find a pretty button for my biscornu (but other than that it's all done!). The design is a freebie from Tournicoton. I've had it printed for years, and was recently looking for a new start and this one caught my eye as I was flipping through my pile of charts. Isn't it pretty?

Biscornu (just have to find a pretty button for the centre)

Biscornu (just have to find a pretty button for the centre)

I was unwell at home recently when some funny white stuff fell from the sky. I could not believe my eyes. The hills around here get snowed on in the wintertime, but generally our climate is too warm for snow. But snow it did off and on for most of the day, and some of it even lay on the ground for a while. So pretty... I wish it would do this every winter!

Wowsers, a lot of snow for Upper Hutt!

The weekend that followed was a real cracker, with Spring-like sunshine and warmer temperatures. So DH and I got out around the Wellington coast and made the most of it. This view is of Wellington Harbour looking towards the Hutt Valley and Soames Island.

Wellington harbour on a beautiful mid-winter day (to think it was snowing a few days back!)

With the colder weather lately (we get lots of frosts at this time of year) Tiggy has been living indoors. Here's a cute photo I took of her and Tess larking about. Tess was more interested in attacking the salad than paying any attention to Tiggy.

Tiggy and Tess

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Brigitte said...

I've always loved the freebie you used for your biscornu but I haven't stithed it so far. Great stitching and finishing!
What a wonderful picture of the Wellington coast. And of your snowy garden. Strange for me to see a snow picture these days. And so good to know that I'm still far away from our own snow season, lol.

Chris said...

Hi Rowyn,
I hope that you are feeling better.
The biscornou is beautiful. Great job finihing it!
Wellington looks beautiful.

Carol said...

The snow in your garden looks so pretty, Rowyn! I didn't realize that you normally don't get any...

Your biscornu is so pretty--the little flowers are so sweet! I stitched that a while back for a friend, but didn't turn it into a biscornu. Instead I stitched "Welcome" in the center and framed it for her new home.

Glad Miss Tiggy is staying warm--amazing how Tess isn't bothered by her intruding on "her" territory!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely photos Rowyn, I've yet to stitch a biscornu. The view of the harbour is gorgeous with all the blue in the sea and the sky. Puss looks like a little black teddy bear - I love those paws, they look poised for nonsense.

Gabi said...

Lovely biscornu. Congrats on finishing stitching and putting it together. :)
Love the picture of your snow. Since we moved to Australia I haven't seen any snow in person anymore. saw it in the mountains in NZ and here. It must have been a great feeling to see some snow in Wellington :)
Hope your feeling better soon

Teresa said...

Beautiful biscornu. Hope you find the right button. Love the snow pics. Send some cool weather to the states.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

mainely stitching said...

What an utterly adorable bunny! :D And your finish-finish is gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Lovely finish, Rowyn!

Tess looks like she's just hamming it up for the camera!

That's a lovely shot of Wellington coastline!

Pumpkin said...

Lovely finish Rowyn :o)

Wow, you got some snow! LOL! I thought it would have been too warm there for that.

What an adorable photo :o)

Catherine said...

Lovely biscornu! That touch of snow looks so refreshing right now with all the heat we've been having!!

Catherine said...

Lovely biscornu! That touch of snow looks so refreshing right now with all the heat we've been having!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Just lovely biscornu! I have been looking for a new biscornu design to stitch too. They are so pretty, aren't they?

My goodness! Imagine snow in August! It has been so hot and humid here in New England, USA. What an incredible contrast!

Tiggy and Tess are adorable!

Crossing in Stitches With You!

Rainy Day Crafter said...

What lovely photos - your biscornu is just soooo pretty, and your photo of Wellington Harbour is absolutely stunning! Glad you enjoyed your snow too! :)

Karoline said...

Beautiful biscornu, congratulations

Aussie Stitcher said...

The biscornu is gorgeous. Wellington Habour looks amazing, the water is so calm.

Suzanne said...

What a very pretty finish!

Got to love the contrast in weather. We have had the same with freezing cold one day and sunny and warm the next. We have had to take the winter bedding off the beds today because it has become quite warm in the last few days.