Friday, June 17, 2011

Another weekend blog post

We have been lucky this year, Winter hasn't really made itself felt too much... until today. I decided to take an annual leave day today to relax, and I've spent most of it up and down stoking the fire. Brrr.

Tiggy is indoors due to the chilly weather. I hate couping her up in her smaller, indoor cage (she has a big run outside) but I would rather she is warm. Anyway, she wanted to say hi :-) and to ask for any ideas on beating bunny boredom (indoors and outdoors). Thanks in advance.

Tiggy... she's indoors because the nights are so cold at the moment.  We are easily in the negatives this morning... brrr

We have a kitty-patient at the moment. Tess hasn't been herself and has noticeably lost weight in the past 5 days. The vet gave her a few jabs on Tuesday, and here we are on Friday and she's still not perked up a great deal. She modelled my Elizabeth sampler for me, and then went off to lie on my bed. :-(

I think I'm going to consider Elizabeth finished, and not add anything to the space at the top. Unless anyone out there in blogland has ideas?

Tess :-(  modelling my little sampler

I've also been working away on my Moira Blackburn sampler. As you can see, I've branched out to the right. I actually wish there were a few more critters in this sampler, that squirrel by the tree is too cute!

A bit more progress on my Moira Blackburn sampler

Ann and Sanda - I've held off posting my stitching exchanges to you this week. Postage and flights are grounded due to the ash cloud currently hanging around over New Zealand. I'll let you know once they are in the mail.

If anyone is posting a nice summery blog post this weekend, do let me know and I'll pop on over to your blog for a summer fix!


Gabi said...

Elizabeth Horton is a beauty. Congrats with that great finish. I would or leave her as she is, because she is already beautiful as is, or if you really want to add something, I would go further with the green of the right side and might add one more of these flowers. But it looks great already as it is.
Love also Moira Blackburn. Such a beautiful sampler.

Catherine said...

Beautiful!! I like the idea of continuing the flower from the right side, but she is beautiful as is as well!! Moira is lovely too!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Poor Tess, I hope she picks up soon. I worry dreadfully if our pets are unwell - it's hard when you don't know what the problem is. I love your MB sampler - I've never stitched one. No problem with the exchange - I hadn't realised there was a problem this week until I read Margaret's blog.

Carol said...

Awww...I feel so bad for poor Tess, Rowyn! She looks very lethargic and just not herself at ll. I hope the vet can figure out what is wrong with her very soon.

I love Elizabeth Horton as it, but I also like Gabi's idea of filling it in on the top with winding some more of the vine up in the white space. And wonderful progress on your Moira Blackburn piece--I love all the wildlife on this one.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend :)

Pumpkin said...

SO good to see a picture of Tiggy :o) Hmmmm....bunny boredom...lots of stuff to chew and toss about :o)

Sorry to hear about Tess. I hope it's not too serious :o(

Congrats on your latest finish!

Karoline said...

Elizabeth is lovely and great progress on your sampler.

Sorry that Tess isn't well, hope she starts to pick up soon.

Brigitte said...

The Elizabeth finish is wonderful and I think I'd consider it finished as well. Great progress on the MB piece.

Siobhan said...

I hope Tess has perked up! I hate it when our fur babies are sick.

Your stitchingh is beautiful! Maybe extend the vine at the top on the CHS? I do think it looks great as is, though, and wouldn't have thought it needed anything more if you hadn't mentioned it. LOVE the Moira Blackburn WIP!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Tiggy is gorgeous, I hope that Tess gets better soon. Elizabeth is gorgeous and I love the Moira Blackburn design, I really should get more of her designs to add to my stash. As for the weather, we have had a heap of rain but at the moment the sun is shining but it is only about 10 degrees. BBRRRRR