Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yesterday I received not one, but two squishy packages in the post. Any day a squishy package arrives with my name on it is a very good day!

The first was some Siesta bars from Ann. I am looking forward to trying a different kind of device to keep my fabric taut while I stitch. Thanks again Ann!

Next up was an exchange from Sandra. Sandra went above and beyond with her exchange. Not only did she stitch me a gorgeous Blackbird Designs pillow, she also made me this amazing quilted needlebook - wow!! Seriously, my exchange to her sucks in comparison! Sandra also included some lovely extras - some threads and a sweet pair of scissors, and a gorgeous card of Swansea Bay (beautiful!). Thank you again Sandra!

Exchange received from Sandra in Wales

Ann also let me know that she has received my exchange to her. I stitched N is for Needle by Carriage House Samplings.

Exchange for Ann in Scotland

Back soon with a sampler update. I have made a fair bit of progress since I last posted.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Another weekend blog post

We have been lucky this year, Winter hasn't really made itself felt too much... until today. I decided to take an annual leave day today to relax, and I've spent most of it up and down stoking the fire. Brrr.

Tiggy is indoors due to the chilly weather. I hate couping her up in her smaller, indoor cage (she has a big run outside) but I would rather she is warm. Anyway, she wanted to say hi :-) and to ask for any ideas on beating bunny boredom (indoors and outdoors). Thanks in advance.

Tiggy... she's indoors because the nights are so cold at the moment.  We are easily in the negatives this morning... brrr

We have a kitty-patient at the moment. Tess hasn't been herself and has noticeably lost weight in the past 5 days. The vet gave her a few jabs on Tuesday, and here we are on Friday and she's still not perked up a great deal. She modelled my Elizabeth sampler for me, and then went off to lie on my bed. :-(

I think I'm going to consider Elizabeth finished, and not add anything to the space at the top. Unless anyone out there in blogland has ideas?

Tess :-(  modelling my little sampler

I've also been working away on my Moira Blackburn sampler. As you can see, I've branched out to the right. I actually wish there were a few more critters in this sampler, that squirrel by the tree is too cute!

A bit more progress on my Moira Blackburn sampler

Ann and Sanda - I've held off posting my stitching exchanges to you this week. Postage and flights are grounded due to the ash cloud currently hanging around over New Zealand. I'll let you know once they are in the mail.

If anyone is posting a nice summery blog post this weekend, do let me know and I'll pop on over to your blog for a summer fix!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend update

Do the seasons affect your stitching? I find myself stitching more in the winter time. Maybe it is because the evenings seem longer when it gets dark earlier.

I've pulled out my Moira Blackburn sampler and have been loving stitching on it. I had to go back to using an embroidery hoop due to the size of this piece, something I haven't done in a long time. There was too much fabric flapping about stitching in hand (which I prefer to do) and boy my Q-snaps were starting to feel very heavy. What is your preferred method?

Growing Like a Tree ~ Moira Blackburn sampler WIP

I haven't quite decided what to do with the empty space on my Elizabeth piece in my previous post, so no photo of that yet.

However, here's a small finish I can share with you. This is an exchange FAIL. I sewed it up and then realised the ribbon hanger was well off centre. There was no way I could send this out. It's not stuffed yet, as I haven't decided whether I'll unpick it or leave it as is yet.

Spot of Spring - The Drawn Thread

Ann commented that Giggsy looked very serious in my last post. Indeed he did, but moments later he revealed his true self...

Make me a star Mum....

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever in the world you might be.