Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curly-Q Ewe

Thanks for all your kind comments on my Lady Leona finish.

I'm still 'in the zone' for finishing my WIPs, so I'm working away on Little House Needleworks 'Curly Q Ewe'. I really want the new Rosey design by LHN, but I think I ought to at least finish this one up before adding another to my stash.

Curly-Q Ewe by Little House Needleworks - in progress

Hopefully the next time I take a photo of this, the colours will be more true to life.

Also, I remember now why this one got chucked to the side - the linen is rather horrible to stitch on. I'm an evenweave girl! I like my stitches not too wonky and all similar in size.

One of my kitty cats (Tess) has been ill this week. On Sunday we had visitors and she was all over them like a rash, lapping up all the extra attention. On Monday morning she was vomiting blood. DH took her to the vet pronto. We think it was something she ate (possibly a chicken tidbit I gave her from my dinner plate which may have had paprika on it). She's a little better now, but nowhere near her usual self. Here's a photo of her from Christmas Day when she was socialising and feeling grand! :-)


Hope your week is going better than Tess'.


loulee said...

I find a finish, especially a difficult one always deserves a reward. :-)
I hope your beautiful kitty is all better soon.

Marlene said...

It's a great time of year for dealing with WIP, I love it when I finish a couple. I hope Tess is feeling better, I hate it when my cat is poorly

Chris said...

Hi Rowyn,
Stick with this one, you are so close to finishing. I hope your cat is better soon.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Stitching is beautiful. Glad your kitty is feeling much better.

Carol said...

Oh, poor little Tess! I do hope she feels like her old self very soon, Rowyn--what a gorgeous friend she is...

I'm with you on "wonky" linen! I like everything neat and tidy. But, you'll be thrilled when you've finished this up. At this rate you'll have a new record for number of finishes for the year :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Hope little Tess makes a full recovery. Cats have very sensitive systems - it doesn't take much to give dramatic symptoms. I know what you mean about some linens. I always stitch on Permin linen as I find it holds it's shape nicely and it's easy to work with. I really dislike floppy linen.

valerie said...

Rosey is looking great so far. Don't you love the new one? It's so cute! I hope that Tess feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours used for the dress in this design, so pretty! I totally agree with the wonky linen comment, I hate it too, but some linens are worst than others I find. Hope Tess is feeling better soon.

Pumpkin said...

Oh dear :o( I hope Tess feels better soon and it's nothing serious.

Very nice progress Rowyn and your stitches look just fine ;o)

Blu said...

Poor Tess. I hope she gets better soon.

Curly Q looks great, but I hear you on the wonky linen. I think most of my semi-stalled projects are on linen...

Karoline said...

I hope Tess is feeling better soon.

Congratulations on finishing Lady Leona and great progress on Curly Q

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

I hope that Tess is feeling better
now and over that bout of illness.
How very distressing and worrying
it must have been for you to see
her so sick and throwing up blood!
It's heart breaking because they
can't tell you what's wrong or
where it hurts.

I am in awe over you finish of
Lady Leona for she is a gorgeous
design. Such a delicately lovely
face and the detail in her hair
and the wreath of flowers that
crowns her head is exquisite. I
hope that you plan to frame this
one soon because it really should
be on display.

I think it's great that you're
finishing off some of your UFO's
this year because they all look
wonderful so far and some are so
close to being finished. Has
there been any luck finding a
few skeins of that gorgeous red
thread for Live Simply??

I'm usually not one for Just Nan
designs but I have to make an
exception for your finish of
Summer Humbug. The colors are
so vibrant, which I love, and
all in all its a pretty, pretty

I love the Sampler Girls My
Everything as well which looks
amazing stitched with that
gorgeous blue thread. Very,
very nice.

I've fallen for the new LHN
design Rosie as well, darn it!
Guess I'll just have to add
her to the list that never ends.
Your Curly Q Ewe is looking
mighty fine in spite of the
irritating un-even linen fabric.
I agree that evenweave is much
better to stitch on.


StitchCat said...

I hope Tess gets better soon Rowyn :)

Tammy said...

Hopefully your kitty will improve soon and it's not too serious! Your stitching projects are just gorgeous, as always!

Suzanne said...

I love this design as well. It's great to see you working to finish your WIPs.

I hope that your kitty is doing better.

Siobhan said...

I hope Tess is feeling better! Poor little thing.

Lovely design! I'm looking forward to stitching the new LHN Rosey piece.

Michelle said...

Hope Tess is feeling better soon. Love how your Curly Q Ewe is coming along!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Curly Q is looking great, I have this in my stash. I hope that Tess is feeling better, poor thing.