Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For those of you in need of a summer fix

Summer definitely seems to have arrived in my corner of the world. Today DH and I headed to Cape Palliser to make the most of a sunny Sunday.

So I thought I would share some photos in the form of a mosaic for those of you who have been enjoying my summer flower photos and may be in need of another summer fix! :-)

I haven't adjusted the colour of these photos - the sky and the sea really were that blue. DH and I couldn't stop commenting on it, even though we have been there numerous times before and it is always like this.

Cape Palliser mosaic

It has been a terribly sad week for New Zealand with the loss of 29 miners. My thoughts are with those who have been affected by this terrible disaster.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just how beautiful is this...

Late this afternoon my DH brought in some mail and there was another squishy package for me. This time it was my Christmas ornament exchange from Chris.

Wow, spoilt again. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous little beauty...

My stunning ornament from Chris in North Carolina

It is the Drawn Thread's First Snow. Now a funny little story... I have loved this freebie design for many years, and the other day I decided to finally pull it out and get stitching on it. LOL. I'll still finish my version, but then I'll probably give it away as a gift.

Thanks again Chris - I love it! You chose so well :-)

Chris couldn't have chosen better, I'm currently stitching the same design :-)

While I'm here I may as well post another photo or two. Some more ornaments in the making...

Christmas ornies in the making

And this little angel who surely must have fallen from heaven, with those cherubic looks and curls!

Such cute curls!

Finally since a few of you liked the photo of the pink lupin, here's a purple one.

Loving the lupins

It has been really hot here today (my car read the temperature at 24.5 degrees Celsius at 11am this morning, and it seemed to get hotter after that). I think summer has arrived! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Christmas exchange received from Kathy

I was very spoilt and love everything! Thank you again Kathy!!

I've never had a beaded scissor fob before, and it's beautiful. My DH was insistent that it goes on my scissors straight away... he gets tired of hearing 'I've lost my ginghers'. :-) So the gift made us both very happy. lol

I can't wait to get the Christmas tree up and hang my Britty Kitty ornament on it. Isn't it so cute?

Spoilt!  Christmas exchange received from Kathy

Britty kitty ornament from my friend Kathy

I'm on a roll with my stitching at the moment, so will be back soon to share it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daybook journal

Outside my window ..... the bottlebrush tree is in bloom with it's beautiful red flowers, the pink and purple lupins are also flowering, the sky is blue (but the sun isn't shining brightly at this time of night) and my water feature which sits on our deck is trickling away

I am thinking .... it's not a bad life!

I am thankful for ...... a great family BBQ we had at our place last night. The weather was dry and very warm, and cute little Phoebe came along and provided the entertainment :-)

I am wearing ..... dark blue jeans, a pink hooded sweatshirt, purple socks and my favourite moccasin slippers

I am loving .... my DH, who works hard at our family business and does so much around the house that I really feel quite spoilt (I haven't done housework or grocery shopping in about four weeks!)

I am stitching .... Christmas ornaments (and finishing them too for the exchanges I'm participating in and some for my tree. I am running a little later than anticipated but the overseas ones are going out in the mail this week!)

I am hoping .... that an appointment I have at the beginning of next month brings promising news

I am drooling over .... Siobhan's lovely blog post with loads of past stitchy finishes. Real eye candy!

I am sorely tempted by ...... Just Nan's Sheep ornament pocket. Too cute!

I am hearing ...... birds. We live on the outskirts of town and next to an area of bush which is teeming with birds (Tuis, ducks, wood pigeons, fantails, the occasional Rosella and all sorts of birds - they start early in the morning with a dawn chorus and the Moreporks (owl) take over with their call at night

I am reading ..... blogs, as always!

On my mind ..... Christmas. I'm looking forward to Christmas and a couple of weeks off work!

From my picture journal.... a pretty lupin growing in my garden

Don't know what this is but I love the flower and the leaves are so lush looking

If anyone else does the daybook journal this time, let me know and I'll come and visit your blog.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just popping in to say hello

I still don't have any stitching I can share, so I thought I would post some non-stitching photos so my blog doesn't become neglected.

Today has been a beautiful day, so DH and I were outside for four or five hours tidying up the garden. We are going to have a go at growing our own vegies, and I am quite excited at the prospect. So here is my gardening mosaic...

Garden fun

Two weeks ago we had a long weekend, so we made the most of it and hired a cottage far out in the Wairarapa countryside. It was very remote and very picturesque. We were also very lucky to have some gorgeous weather (as one day here it rains, and the next it is like summer!). So here is my farm holiday mosaic...

Farm holiday

If you want to see the larger images, feel free to check out my Flickr album (link on the left hand side of my blog).

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!