Monday, August 23, 2010

Bringing Christmas back ~ Updated

Would anyone be interested in doing any of the following with me -

* cross stitch Christmas ornament swap - CLOSED (I can try and pair up any others who are interested though)
* hand-made Christmas card swap - OPEN
* store-bought Christmas card swap - OPEN

I'm also happy to organise a group exchange if there is enough interest. Just let me know what you are keen for by leaving a comment on this post or by dropping me an email (my email is in my profile).

Once I know if anyone is interested, I'll work out the finer details - but I would think posting would be around early November.


Kathy A. said...

Sign me up Rowyn. I'm game for anything. My DIL might have to help me with a handmade card since I've never done that. The other two I can handle LOL. I'm up for any one of the three.

Ann in Scotland. said...

I'd love to join for the store bought card swap - I hope this is okay.

Hazel said...

I would be happy to do an ornament swap with you. x

Cheryl said...

Would be happy to be involved in an ornament swap :)

chris_stitch said...

I would be interested in an ornament swap and the store bought card swap.


Sew Wilde said...

I would be interested in doing an ornament swap and handmade card swap with you.


Katrina in NZ said...

Hi Rowyn, I'd love to do an ornament swap with you. It would be my first exchange in a very long time :)

bye for now, Katrina