Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some more finishes for the unfinished finishes mountain!

I may not have blogged lately, but I do have some of my stitchy mojo back!

First up is Clara's Christmas Dance by The Sampler Girl. I adore this sweet little pattern. It doesn't quite match the original pattern thanks to a visit from the frogs. However, the thought of ripping out so much to put it right would have been enough to turn my mojo back on it's heels, so I decided to carry on and work around it.

Next up is a French peacock freebie I found online. I purposely diverted from the original on this one, and left out some extra stitching on the inside of the heart which would have made it a bit too fussy for my liking.

I decided to have a go at tea and coffee dyeing a strip of fabric a month or so ago. I was hoping for a more mottled affect, but I did like the end result. So I stitched these Twilight freebies from Paulette at Plum Street Samplers.

I have two new projects on the go - Mr and Mrs Abbott's Daughters by Carriage House Samplings, and a needlework kit (I'm a needlework first timer) 'Paddy the Wanderer'. Paddy is a dog and a piece of Wellington's history. I will share the story of him when I post my finished piece (warning - your eyes may involuntarily water when you read the story!).

I've also been enhancing my stash here and there, so hopefully there'll be plenty to keep my mojo intact :-)

Carol recently mentioned she would like a Phoebe-fix. Unfortunately, this is the most recent photo I have (taken in April). Phoebe is walking well and doing some talking (she said 'Hi' when I saw her the other night, and then said 'Hello' to my other sister). She seems to like music and jiggles about to the TV or Nanna or Grandad singing. We all love her to pieces!

Have a great weekend!