Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you ready for a cute overload?

First up, I had a cute little finish. This is a freebie from CarolR at iStitch. Thanks Carol. It was a really enjoyable stitch. Just what a girl needs when her stitching mojo has been away for a while.

My niece turned one this month, and she had a little birthday party. Phoebe seemed to have a great time with plenty of new toys and lots of playmates (young and old) around all at once.

I have also been fostering some kittens for Animal Rescue. I think I had forgotten the true extent of how much energy kittens have and how much havoc they can wreak. Here we have Isabella, ET and Sweetie.

This is Xena, she was found separately but is about the same age. So I offered to take her on as well, and she has settled in well with the other kittens.

Despite the chaos, and the near fatal heart attack one of them gave me (by finding a hole in the wall and getting in... we didn't know we had a hole in the wall in our laundry) I think I will be sad to see these little cuties go in a week or so.

Have a great and stitchy week.


Lee said...

What to comment on first!
That is a delightful birthday cake and I always enjoy seeing the photos of your neice.
As for the Kittens one look at those photos and anyone would like to take them home specially Xena.
But its your cat Meg that is my favourite reminds me so much of Tippy who we lost at 6yrs from Cancer.
have a nice week

Theresa said...

Cute overload indeed!!!!!!
I love your finish!!! The colors are beautiful~~~~

I can't believe Phoebe is one already!! Time flies~ Love the cake~

All those kitties are soooo cute~ It is so nice of you to be fostering them!!!

Barb said...

The sampler is so pretty. Love the colors in it. Cute picture of the baby. They do grow so fast! The kittens are so adorable! You are right it was cute overload.

Carol said...

Love the sheer cuteness of your post, Rowyn!! I'm just sitting here in my kitchen, looking at your photos, and saying, "Awww" time after time.

It has been so much fun to watch dear Phoebe grow over the past year--what a beauty she is. Those blue eyes are incredible! And those kitties--I'm almost tempted to go to the shelter and bring a similar one home (almost)...

Love your little pink and green work, too!

Have a great week ahead :)

Margaret said...

Wow! Happy birthday to Phoebe -- she's adorable! And nice finish too! Pretty colors! Those kittens -- so cute! How do you do it though -- 4 kittens at once! Wow!

Michelle said...

The kitties are soooo cute - it will definitely be difficult to part with them!

Glad to hear Phoebe had a nice birthday party, can you believe how quickly they grow?

Your stitching is lovely - I LOVE the colours!

Thanks for a super cute post!

Catherine said...

How sweet Phoebe is!! The cutest picture on the post!

Your stitching looks great and those kittens are too adorable!

Melissa said...

Oh there is a bundle of cuteness abound here!

Phoebe is sweetness itself, and I love that ducky cake! Whoever did that should get a prize!

And the kittens! You do tend to forget all the energy and mischief they can get into, like squeezing into the tiniest places! Glad you could rescue the little one!

ps Your stitching is lovely and bright!

Pumpkin said...

Just a lovely finish Rowyn! What color floss did you use?

LOL! I love the cake!!!!

So sweet. Look at those faces :o) No wonder you will miss them.

Anonymous said...
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Kathy A. said...

That is a lovely finish Rowyn. Love the thread color.
Phoebe is getting sweeter by the day.
And those little kittens - AWWWWW!!!!!

valerie said...

Wonderful little sampler finish. Happy Birthday to Phoebe!!

All those kitties are so cute! If you lived nearby, I'd adopt one...they are all precious!

Siobhan said...

That is a cute overload!! First, happy birthday to your adorable niece. She is such a beauty! Congrats to you on your finish--I love it! I'm glad your mojo returned. :) The foster kittens are soooo cute. I admire you for doing that--I would never be able to part with them!

Suzanne said...

Love the stitching! Phoebe is very cute as always. I love seeing photos of her.

The girls love the photos of the kittens, so do I!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Cutie pie, and kittens, oh my!! Sounds like you've been busy! Nice stitchy finish, too! YGG!!!

Anonymous said...
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kiwicarole said...

Your stitching is lovely, kittens are gorgeous, I'd want to keep them all!
Carole :)

Carol R said...

Pretty finish of Sew Easy Rowyn!

I can hardly believe that Phoebe is a year old already - where did that year go?

Sweet kittens - will you be able to part with them when the time comes?

Brigitte said...

Such a nice picture of your niece. A cutie indeed.
I love your version of Carol's freebie. You used a great thread for it. What's the name? Good to see that you have found your stitching mojo again. It nearly always works with small designs.