Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you ready for a cute overload?

First up, I had a cute little finish. This is a freebie from CarolR at iStitch. Thanks Carol. It was a really enjoyable stitch. Just what a girl needs when her stitching mojo has been away for a while.

My niece turned one this month, and she had a little birthday party. Phoebe seemed to have a great time with plenty of new toys and lots of playmates (young and old) around all at once.

I have also been fostering some kittens for Animal Rescue. I think I had forgotten the true extent of how much energy kittens have and how much havoc they can wreak. Here we have Isabella, ET and Sweetie.

This is Xena, she was found separately but is about the same age. So I offered to take her on as well, and she has settled in well with the other kittens.

Despite the chaos, and the near fatal heart attack one of them gave me (by finding a hole in the wall and getting in... we didn't know we had a hole in the wall in our laundry) I think I will be sad to see these little cuties go in a week or so.

Have a great and stitchy week.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy belated Easter

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

We headed away to Napier and the Hawkes Bay for the break and had a really wonderful time (even the weather was amazing!).

While you've been out stash shopping, has your husband or partner ever had a rude comment from the shop you've been in? I went stash shopping on Saturday in Napier, and to cut a long story short my husband had been with me, gone away and come back in to find me and one of the two ladies said in a rude manner to him 'Do you think there is something hidden in here?'. In other words - what are you doing in here? They must get husbands in there all the time, and if I had known I wouldn't have bothered parting with my money. It made me very annoyed!

Anyway, here's the stash I bought - Japanese Montage by Art Stitch, Thinking in the Rain (this is a kit, I'm not sure what you'd call it exactly - embroidery?? It uses back stitch, french knots etc but no cross stitch), Ellen Chester by With My Needle and Stag's Leap by Kingsland.

On our way home yesterday we took a different route and spent about three hours travelling through some very remote countryside (even the farmers we saw waved at us as we went by, a sure sign of how remote it was). We only passed through one very small town called Poranghau. The reason we took this way home was to see the place with the longest name in the world. My nephew counted the letters for us and there are 85! Oh, and the name is in Maori in case you are trying to read it. I can pronounce some of it, but it's just knowing where to stop and take a breath. :-)

Have a great week! (I'm hoping this week is the week my stitching mojo returns!)