Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WOW!!! Get a load of this....

Thank you so much Nicky for the gorgeous pin pillow. I love the design, the colours, the fabric... it's beautiful! Even the finishing is perfect. I only recently found Nicky's lovely blog, so was super surprised to find she was my partner in Becky's pin pillow exchange. :-) Nicky is a fellow Kiwi, and if you haven't been to her blog yet pop on over - it is well worth a visit! :-)

I have been in a bit of a stitching funk lately - nothing appeals and nothing can keep my attention. I made a start on Dancing in the Moonlight by the Stitcher's Habit, but I'm already bored with all that white. Oh woah is me. LOL.

I did manage to start and finish Rabbit by JBW Designs though. I'll probably make this into another little cushion for my smalls collection.

I haven't shared any photos of Phoebe in a while. I realised recently while looking through my Flickr album that I had not actually taken any photos of her for 3 whole months. So I remedied that last Friday. Here she is helping my Mother unpack her new vacuum cleaner. Phoebe is very curious, rearing to go and into everything! :-)

Not long until Easter, I am looking forward to the break and hope to get some stitching in and some stash purchased :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pin pillow exchange

Lisa has let me know that she has received the pin pillow I stitched for her in Becky's pin pillow exchange.

I stitched part of Plum Street Samplers 'Rubie Owl'. I wanted to personalise it for Lisa, so I stitched two dogs to represent her two pooches, and our initials. It was a pleasure to stitch it for you Lisa and I am glad you like it.

I hope to be back to blogging and stitching more soon.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

WIP busting and a gift

This week I received a lovely gift in the mail from Steph. It's a gorgeous cross stitch book with lots of sampler patterns in it. Thank you so much Steph! Steph doesn't cross stitch, but she's creative and amazing with lots of other crafts.

I don't know what posessed me, but I picked up a very old WIP and made progress on it this week. It is The Drawn Thread's 'Lily of the Valley' (started in 2005). It's a small sampler, but some of the specialty stitches were a bit difficult and it ended up in the too hard basket. Five years later I'm biting the bullet and am just going to finish it anyway I can.

My little niece Phoebe surprised me on Thursday. She crawled over to me and stood herself up (she loves my necklace and always makes a beeline for it), and after a little while I realised she wasn't touching me at all and was standing there all on her own!! She will be a year old next month. Time flies!

Have a great weekend!