Sunday, January 24, 2010

Settling in to our new house

We our loving our new house on the outskirts of town. We have been here just over a week.

The house is very homely. There is a stream at the bottom of our section (at some stage we hope to build steps down to it), and lots of native bush. It is mostly peaceful. We have folding doors which open out onto a deck, which is wonderful (we missed having indoor/outdoor flow) and a vegetable garden to look after (it has peas, carrots, tomatoes, spring onions etc in it!)

There are Moreporks (native owls) which call after dark (their call sounds like 'more pork' which is how they got their English name), and there is a bird which sings a very sweet tune in the mornings when I get up for work. I have never heard it before, and am very intrigued to find out what it is. I guess living on the outskirts of town has it's perks for nature lovers.

My cats have settled in well. Petal is still a little freaked out but will hopefully stop jumping at every sound soon.

This is a pic of Tess in the new garden. She was originally a stray, which I think is responsible for a lot of her personality traits (such as settling in quickly, jumping on the dinner table etc).

The house is pretty much in order, although we still have lots of boxes to unpack. Correction - I have lots of boxes to unpack. They are all labelled 'Craft Room'. lol

I haven't done any stitching this week, but I do have some progress I can share in my next post.

P.S. If you have my old address please discard it :-) Feel free to let me know if you would like the new one at all.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Grow Like a Tree - Moira Blackburn sampler

Here's how the new sampler is going...

And here is someone else who is growing like a tree. Well not quite, but she can crawl, sit up and stand herself up now. I'm sure it won't be long until she's walking!

Hope you have a great week!