Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last finish for 2009

I imagine this is my last finish for the year, it is 'His Heart Belongs to Me' by Carriage House Samplings. (Ballymena is my DH's hometown in Northern Ireland).

I'm off to the movies tonight to see New Moon. My DH suggested we go. He tells me he quite enjoyed Twilight (cue surprised look). From memory he was surfing the net at the time I was watching it, and isn't it really for teenage girls (or your inner teenage girl)??? Still, I won't let on. lol

Hope you're all still enjoying the holidays!


Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

I'm so glad to hear that the card and threads arrived safely at your door. And I'm very glad that you like them.

That Long Dog Mystery Sampler is so beautiful!! I love all the rich, luscious colors used in it, and the very pretty patterns. I actually collected all the back issues of Gift of Stitching with the specific intent of stitching this piece but never got around to it. Seeing yours finished has got me aching to begin my own.

Your little Phoebe is so adorable. I love it when you post pictures of her on your blog. A true "sugar and spice and everything nice" girl.

I would love the opportunity to see the Pompeii exhibition ... and it would be even cooler if I could travel to Wellington to see it. Ha!
I took Latin in high school and our curriculum was based on books written about the town and people of Pompeii. I have several books in my library about it and have always been fascinated by it. I wonder if the exhibition will travel to Canada someday?? We've got King Tut either here or coming soon.

I watched Eclipse earlier this month for the first time and have to say that it didn't do much for me. I just don't like Rob Pattison in that role. Am still curious about New Moon but will probably wait for it to come out on DVD.

Happy New Year Rowyn!!!

P.S. Boy, you guys move a lot!

corinna said...

thats a fun piece of stitching
your long dog sampler is esp beautiful

Brigitte said...

And another nice little finish. You are on the roll, aren't you?
Enjoy the movie.

Carol said...

Aw, what a sweet finish, Rowyn. Nice that your husband will go with you to New Moon--hope you both enjoy it :)

Laura said...

What a cute finish! And your Long Dog Mystery sampler is gorgeous! I read the book Twilight, but I haven't seen any of the movies. I would also be surprised if my dh told me he liked it.

Karoline said...

Cute finish, congratulations

Pumpkin said...

What a fun finish! You know you still have one more day to come up with something else ;o)

Melissa said...

This is so cute!

Cheryl said...

Great finish! Havent seen this design before. I know Ballymena well, i have friends that live there!

Lennu said...

What a cute finish this is! I hope you enjoy the movie, I've read the books and seen both movies with my daughter :)

Anonymous said...

Cute finish! Enjoy the movie. I remember my DH telling me he wouldn't mind seeing Twilight. Turns out he had seen about a ten second clip of it and thought it was a horror movie about vampires! I don't think there's much chance of him sitting through New Moon!

Suzanne said...

This is a great finish, very sweet. What a great way to finish the year with two lovely finishes!