Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you Yuko

I recently won a giveaway from Yuko. It arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you again Yuko!

Here is a picture of the back and sides, just as pretty as the stitching itself. I feel very lucky!

I haven't started stitching Mary Wigham yet, but I have decided on my colours. I was going to go with the recommended colours, but then decided maybe they were not to my liking afterall. The colours I have chosen are taken from another Quaker design (is that naughty? lol), and are a little more muted than they appear in the photo. The fabric is 32 count Antique Ivory Belfast. I have an exchange to get out before I get started on Mary Wigham.

Thanks for your comments on my organised threads. Of course, they aren't always that organised - I had a tidy up recently. I went out and bought two further thread boxes so I could get my DMC threads organised. I soon discovered organised threads don't actually take up much room at all, and they fitted into the three boxes I already had!

A funny story for cat lovers. We found a black and white cat on our spare bed last week. I mentioned it to my Mum who works at Animal Rescue, it turns out they had an escapee and somehow it found its way to my house! Perhaps Petal left instructions with the other cats when she left? lol Needless to say he has been returned to Animal Rescue (sadly, my house is full!). Hopefully he'll find a loving home soon.

I thought I would finish off with a photo of my niece which I took on Friday. I am very smitten with her, and it really melts my heart when she gets a smile on her face.

Have a lovely week!


Kathy A. said...

Lovely gift from Yuko. Her finishing is indeed beautiful.
I like your colors for Mary Wingham.

Now that is one cutie patootie. Her eyes are remarkable and that little nose - just too sweet!

Wendy said...

what a qutie !
your gift from Yuko looks really nice, she's been quite busy !
what flos is that on the first picture, that seems to have all the different colours in it ?

Theresa said...

Oh~ Your niece is just adorable!!!!!
Congratulations on receiving this wonderful gift from Yuko!!! Her work is so amazing~~~

Cheryl said...

Awwww your niece really is so gorgeous!
Thats a beautiful gift from Yuko.
Still waiting on my fabric for annoying!

Melissa said...

Well, first of all, your little niece is so sweet. Look at that face, those round eyes! No wonder you are smitten!

Lovely stitching from Yuko!

Siobhan said...

Lovely gift from Yuko! I like the thread choices for MW, too.

Your niece is beautiful!

Tammy said...

Beautiful gift - that finishing job is phenomenal! I like the colors you've chosen for the Mary Wigham too. That baby is gorgeous - love her hair :o)

Nicola said...

Lovely gift from Yuko. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on Mary Wigham. Gorgeous photo of your niece.

Yuko said...

Hi Rowyn,
Thanks for letting me know that you received your Giveaway!
I'm happy that you liked it!! :D

By the way, your niece is such a doll!!!
SO adorble!! I want to cuddle her and want to smell milky baby smell again, lol

Maren said...

Your niece is just darling! Oh to have a wee baby in the house again...

Wow, that's some lovely stitching on Yuko's exchange!

Carol R said...

Lovely gift from Yuko - her work is amazing!
Love your thread choices for Mary Wigham - I love muted colours.
Cute little niece!

Pumpkin said...

Lucky you! Isn't her stitching beautiful?

Funny story about your cat story because last night we had a cat show up at our door! Very friendly fellow, even with the dogs. Hopefully he has a home to go to.

Your neice is adorable!!!!

Froggie said...

What a sweet face! She's a doll!