Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kiwi sampler lovers...

I found a website we should keep an eye on
New Zealand Sampler. I would love to see this website grow!

It's still cold here, but one nice thing about this time of year is the beautiful cloudless evenings where the hills turn a nice pinky-purple colour just before the light disappears for the day. Here's a pic of the Tararua mountain range I took from our dining room window this evening.

I will probably be back tomorrow with a stitching update. I have another little design just about finished.

Thank you for your fabric advice for Mary Wigham. I am chomping at the bit to get started! I will let you know what fabric I choose, but I think I will probably go with the Belfast - since I have used it before and it's the easiest to source.

Yay, one more day until the weekend. Hang in there folks (assuming that you live for the weekends, like I do... lol).


Zeb said...

Oh what a cool site! It's on my fav list now to track for progress and updates; thanks for sharing! :)

And we had frost on the lawns and rooves here, not as pretty as the rural stuff for sure, but still pretty!

Zeb said...

Also have a look here:

If the samplers don't show up, just type sampler into the search box. Some beautiful pieces there :)

Daniela said...

You have such a beautiful view from your home. If I look out of the window I just see the neighbor house and today, well the Finnish flag.
Have a great day.

mollycaff said...

What a beautiful view! Belfast is my absolute favourite fabric, you can't go far wrong with that.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful picture!