Monday, April 13, 2009

Chart giveaway

I have now finished 'You are my sunshine'. I decided that I did not like the zig zag border, so just finished it up with the simple red line. (I have noticed with my scrapbooking endeavours that I'm all about straight lines and simplicity!)

Tanya commented that her Mother used to make her sing 'You are my sunshine' when she was a little girl. My Grandad loved to sing, and this was one of the songs I can remember him singing to my sisters and I when we were young too. That was the reason I bought this chart :-)

Anyway, can I interest anyone in this chart? If so, leave a comment on this post and if there is more than one person interested I'll run your names through the randomiser.

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter. We have had some cracker weather, so have been out and about enjoying it before Winter truly arrives. Here are a few pics of our Easter escapades to Cape Palliser and around Wellington.

Thank you for all your nice comments about Petal. She's very affectionate, but not very confident yet. But she'll get there.

Have a great week!


Daniela said...

You are my sunshine looks great with the straight border, thou I have no idea how the zigzag would have looked like. And yes I am very interested in this chart.
I also love your pictures from around Wellington. I love to photograph myself. Can't wait for summer to come that we can go to the shore around Helsinki again.

Cheryl said...

Lovely finish! I would like to enter too. Never seen this one before but i really like it!
What a beautiful place you live in

Vonna said...

I love your finish and you pretty pictures :) I won't enter for the chart, as I think I have it...LOL! :)
Have a great week ahead~

Rachel said...

Great Sunshine finish :o)

Please include me in the drawing for the chart.

CarolG said...

Please put my name in your drawing; my daughter sings this to her baby daughter when she is trying to put her to sleep - this would be great for her room! thanks for your drawing....I like the border you did and can't imagine a zig-zag one??


Von said...

So glad you were able to enjoy a weekend of wonderful weather! We had a rainy Easter here, but the sun is back today. :)

Please include me in your drawing, Rowyn.

Barb said...

Nice finish. I love your scenery pictures. They are beautiful. Petal is a beautiful kitten. Hope you enjoy her for many years to come. Please do not enter my name in drawing as I have enough pieces to do over the next few years!

Theresa said...

What a lovely finish!!!!!! I would like to give it a try and enter for the drawing~
Cape Pilliser is so beautiful!!!!! Glad to hear you had a great Easter weekend~

Suzanne said...

Great finish, it's very cute! This song is my daughters favourite and she sings it to her little sister when she's upset. Please enter me in your draw.

Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

Sandra said...

Your version of My Sunshine looks gorgeous, I would love to have a chance of winning the chart please.

StitchCat said...

Oh Rowyn, "You are my sunshine" is gorgeous. Can I put my name down for the draw please. It would be a lovely design to stitch for my daughter.

Petal is beautiful...You are so amazing to give this sweetie a home. She will fit in so well with your 3 cats.

Redwitch said...

I'd like to enter your generous draw if possible?

Your finish looks great, I like your straight border. I'm always anxious doing borders because mine rarely meet!

Awww Petal is a cute kitty :)

The Scarlett House said...

Rowyn, your photos are stunning. I have to plan a trip to NZ!

valerie said...

How funny! I saw you stitching this up and went right online to order it the other day! I wish I had waited...I'm sure the lucky winner will be very excited!

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful finish! Please don't enter my name as I already have that chart :o)

You've got a great eye for photography Rowyn! How did you make the collage if you don't mind me asking?

Glad to hear that Petal is settling in :o)

Brigitte said...

What a beautiful finish.
I *love* the pictures you show of your Easter trips. Wonderful countryside.

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