Thursday, January 22, 2009

Five addictions and a cat with asthma

I have been tagged by Tanya to list five addictions.

1. cats... I love all cats. My own cats, neighbourhood cats, animal rescue cats, manky cats, feral cats, big cats, wild cats... life would be no fun without them. I have three, and if it weren't for the vet bills I would without a doubt have more

2. collecting vintage postcards (mostly of people, but also of places in England I have been to)

3. cross stitch, and collecting cross stitch stash (sshh, don't tell the husband-to-be but I ordered some more today)... you wouldn't have guessed that was one of my addictions, would you?

4. taking photographs - this addiction started young (I was probably about 8). I frame scenes in my mind, and I start getting antsy if I see a photo opportunity but there is nowhere to stop and take a photo!

5. England - I can't get enough of it. My Dad, sister and I might be visiting later this year - and it is mine and OH's dream to retire to an English country cottage

This time I'll tag -


Did you know that cats can get asthma? Today my cat Tess was diagnosed with it.

Yesterday she was wretching a lot and we thought it might be a furball, but her breathing was very noisy (I was indoors and could hear her breathing and she outside a few metres away). So off to the vets she went this afternoon and the diagnosis was made. She's on a course of steroids, and we will always have to keep them handy in case it flares up.

Of course we feel bad now - we used to sometimes hear her heavy breathing and think how cute the snuffly noises were when she was sleeping. It was probably the asthma!

Here's an old photo of my girl...

Hang in there folks, it's nearly Friday!


Wendy said...

Nice picture of your cat! I didn't know cats could get astma.

loulee1 said...

Cute kitty cat, hope she's all better soon.

LOL My dream is to retire to a cottage in NZ!!

Kathy A. said...

Now those are some serious addictions girl!!! Especially the stash one.
So sorry to hear about the kitty.
And England you say - but it is so beautiful where you live!

Hazel said...

Naughty girl you didnt tell me you tagged me!! Anyhow I have put my 5 addictions on my latest post lol! Beautiful puss. I am thinking of getting another but I don't think my puss would be too very extremely happy about it! x