Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drugs bust

I recently entered a competition Judy had on her blog. It was to guess the pattern she was stitching. I recognised it straight away as Kitty Cottage Sampler.

A rather large padded envelope was awaiting me tonight when I got home. Judy is amazingly generous, and really made my day with all the gifts she sent.

Included are four skeins of thread, two charts (Calico Cat and Autumn Sampler), a watercolour print (the colours are amazing) and a leaflet about the artist, a sachet of hot chocolate and some bath grains. Oh yes, and a gorgeous Christmas card which isn't pictured because it is already sitting with the others we have received. Thank you so much Judy!

Oh and the drugs bust comment in the title of this post relates to Judy's package. NZ Customs must have thought the bath grains looked a little suspicious on the x-ray, so not only did they open the parcel to inspect they even opened the bath grains themselves. Bet they were disappointed to find it REALLY was bath grains. LOL. Great to know that they are doing their job though!


loulee1 said...

Well I'm sulking with customs, they opened a Christmas box and managed to loose a bit! How do you explain that to a 7yr old?

Looks like you got some lovely goodies in your parcel.

mainely stitching said...

Judy rocks!! :D

I just love that bit about the bath salts looking like drugs!

Cindy F. said...

What a great package!!
I'm surprised the package was still in tact!