Friday, August 01, 2008


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Three people's RRs from the Quaker Friendship RR.

Others from the Hello Neighbour RR.

So much for friends and neighbours....

Thanks to Edgar and Vonna for all they are doing to contact those stitchers who have gone awol.


karenv said...

What a shame! I hope they get returned soon.

Kendra said...

Each time I read about this happening, I get really angry! I don't understand why people don't fulfill their responsibilities to a project like this...and if they don't want to, they shouldn't sign up. It's not meant as a free stash program!

Hopefully things get straightened out soon!

Cheryl said...

Oh no! This is awful! My LHN RR was missing for ages but fortunately the lady who had a few of them sent them on eventually which was a big relief! I hope for the same fortune for your RR!
I just received your comment and i would love for you to stitch on my RR! Thank-you so much. I will email you x

Petra said...

Been a victim so I never participate in exchanges/RR can get so frustrating. I'm sorry you are going through this. I don't understand why people can't accept responsibility!

Anonymous said...

I've been there too and had my RR's go missing. One came back filthy with oil or something on the fabric, and not just a little bit. That one ended up in the bin. I just couldn't get the dirt out. :o(

I hope your RR problems are just a glitch and everything gets moving along again soon.

Carol R said...

Thanks for the peek at my RR! Let's hope they are returned at some point.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

Oh, that's too bad. Hope the
missing RRs show up.

Your square for Clare is lovely
and so bright and summery looking.
It'll look wonderful when it's
finished into a pin keep or
something. The card with the
fans is so pretty, and sparkly

Sorry to hear about your nasty
weather. Hope things simmer
down soon. When do you hope
to see the first signs of Spring
down there??? We've still got
maybe two months of summer like
weather here....if we're lucky.


Anonymous said...

Grrrrr! Makes me furious! Why oh WHY do people do this? It is just beyond me!

I mean, if you can't commit to what you promised to, at least give the piece back!

Sorry they are lost :-/

Hazel said...

Awww what a shame. Hope they turn up soon. xx

Nicola said...

Rowyn, I hope these RR's turn up safe and sound. Luckily the RR's I've been in have all run smoothly, but then three of them were with the Aion forum with all it's rules and safeguards, and of course the first one I took part in was "3 Brits and a Kiwi", organised by yourself!

Love the Summer squares you stitched for Clare.

Carol said...

Rowyn - this is devastating, and I sure hope that it can work out! I know about both and have been trying to help too! Thank you for the gorgeous gift! It arrived yesterday and I will put it in my blog today - it was too dark out to photograph it when I got it! You are a sweetie! Thank you!!!