Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another little finish

I was determined to get Wendy's Quaker Friendship RR finished up last night. And I did... around midnight.

It will be on it's way to Donna soon.

Next up I'll be working on the Hello Neighbour RR, as there is a 1 September deadline and I've not even chosen a design yet! Off to do that now...


Carol R said...

Rowyn - that is so beautiful - I am sure Wendy will be really pleased. I am thinking that we will probably have to re-stitch so am already thinking of fabric and floss!

karenv said...

It looks gorgeous - great work!

fireflydreams said...

WOW it's beautiful.

Hi Rowyn, just to let you know that my has been disabled by those at blogger for the past 3 weeks and I am now using my blog. I hope you will come and check it out when you have time.


Karoline said...

Congratulations Rowyn, the RR is lovely

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

Wendy's Quaker Friendship RR
looks amazing!! Love the three
colours used on it so far.
Quakers have to be the most fun
thing to stitch, with all their
motifs both big and small.

And the Quaker pin cushion that
you made for Carol is so pretty.
It looks tiny too. Love the
eight sided look to it. I'll bet
Carol is thrilled with it.

Isn't the first sign of Spring
something to lift your spirits
and make you want to start
digging in the garden and break
out the lawn furniture?? It'll
be interesting here to see when
we'll spot the first tree with
it's leaves changing colour.

It's been raining all weekend
here, except for a few hours
when DH managed to mow the lawn.
It's been an incredible summer
for rain here.

Hope you've had a great weekend.


Karin said...

It's beautiful - hopefully the missing RR's will be located.

piko said...

The quaker is so beautiful!

Hazel said...

Wow its lovely. Good job. xx

Lennu said...

It looks beautiful! Great job :)

Rebecca said...

The colors are gorgeous!!!