Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is it July again? Groan!

I've finished my piece on Carol R's RR for the Quaker Friendship RR. I love how these are coming along.

You can click for a clearer view.

I've also finished my partner's squares for the Fair & Square Celebrate Summer round. Once she has received them, I'll be sure to share a photo.

It's been quite cold here lately. Luckily I was well prepared and purchased an indoor cage a few weeks ago for Tiggy. I don't think she's very happy indoors, but at least she is warm. Roll on summer!


Yodamanda said...

Oh Tiggy looks so cute, what lovely markings on her face. The stitching looks great. Hope it warms up for you soon

karenv said...

Carol's RR looks great!

Tiggy looks very cosy in her new home ;)

I posted the BD chart out to you today - please let me know when you get it :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

Tiggy looks quite cozy in her
cage, with what looks like
breakfast in bed.

Our neighbours across the street
have two bunnies. The newest
addition is a 10 year old bunny
that someone was giving away.
It's housebroken, so they keep
him in the house. His name is
General McArthur! Kind of a
portentous name for a rabbit, but
it's original owners (the
McArthurs) thought it would be
appropriate I guess.

Carol's Quaker Friendship RR
does look very nice, and the
threat colours being used on it
are lovely.


Barbara said...

Tiggy is remarkably well behaved! Within minutes of her cage being changed, Nachtegaal tears up the papers, chews on her "house" and just generally makes a mess of it all!

Love your RR progress!

Barbeeque4 said...

The RR looks super!!! and I love Tiggy in her new home!

Carol R said...

Oh Rowyn - that looks absolutely gorgeous - thank you!

I am waiting on Mindi's to arrive via Wendy - I know she has been working on it so hopefully it will get here soon.

Hazel said...

You can have my rabbit if you like lol. It has had freedom in the garden but is now locked back in her hutch as she has started digging a warren and ruined our garden! Pesky pets! xx

Yuko said...

Hi Rowyn,

Your lovely Tiggy looks so cute!
I love rabbit and I used to have them in my house, too when I was a kid!

Carol's RR looks great!!
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your works! :D

Pumpkin said...

Oh lovely! What a neat idea for an RR.

Tiggy is adorable! In case you haven't read, I'm a bunny FREAK :o)