Monday, July 21, 2008

Great mail day...

I received not one, but two packages in the post today -

First up my new charts - Mary Queen of Scots and Simple Quaker by Papillon Creations. Judy asked on a previous post if I will stitch Mary Queen of Scots in red. I am toying with the idea of stitching it in a dark blue like the Scottish flag, but I do also like the red. Decisions, decisions!

My Fair & Square Celebrate Summer Round squares from Clare also arrived today. What a great package.

Clare kindly included a postcard for my collection, two skeins of thread, a cute mirror, needles, buttons and a Just Nan chart. Thank you so much Clare, I love it all!

I went to see the movie Mama Mia! on Wednesday night. I loved it so much I went with a different group of people yesterday afternoon. My sister wants to see it again, so I may even go a third time. :-) It's a wonderful feel-good movie, with some awesome Abba music. I highly recommend it.

Oh well, back to enjoying my week off work. :-) Have a good week.


Barbara said...

Hooray for you!!

Doris said...

oh! what a coincidence! today the mail bring me 2 pappillon creations, "heat wave" and "Flower patch"
:) i am happy too.

tkdchick said...

Lovely new stash.

Great F&S to receive!

Sonda in OR said...

Wow! You have really gotten some great mail lately. YAY!

Hazel said...

Royal blue would be very effective!! Lovely mail day! xx

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

A nice shade of blue would be
awesome for this design too.
Either way this will be a
great stitch, and a treasure
to have once it's done. Both
designs are just gorgeous! I
like that you get a bit of
the history of each design as

Claire stitched a beautiful
design for your Fair & Square.
The colours are so pretty and
delicate. Love that Just Nan
butterfly design that she sent
you too. A truly generous and
talented stitcher, Claire.

Oh, I can't wait to go and see
Mamma Mia. The reviews here
have been pretty bad, but I
think this is a movie that'll
appeal to the female audiance
and will do well because of
that. Sort of like the Sex
and the City movie did.

Hope you've had a great weeks
vacation. Hugs to Tiggy!!


Carol R said...

Great stash!