Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank you CarolR :-)

I am currently in the Quaker Friendship RR with the lovely CarolR.

Carol stitched a few test pieces when deciding what thread to use, and then made them into fobs for everyone in the RR. They are all beautiful, but I was particularly drawn to the green and blue one. Thank you Carol it was very thoughtful of you... and I promise not to break into it and spend the 5p! :-) lol

It's been a while since my girls appeared on my blog... so here is Tess, followed by Meg checking out my new fob...

Here's a little finish - Amour by JBW Designs, which I'll probably make into a little cushion for my smalls basket.

We're looking forward to seeing some visitors from Northern Ireland this week. I don't think they'll be too impressed with the weather which has turned to custard. I think I'll send it back your way Kathryn :-)

Have a great week everyone!


karenv said...

Your kitties are so cute :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Summer cottage garden looks wonderful, and Armour is a cute design and will look great as a small pillow. Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors and that the weather improves.

Beatrice said...

I hope your weather holds for your company.
The garden is sooo pretty and of course the kitties are the sweetest!

Lennu said...

Oh your kitties are so lovely, thanks for sharing the photos!! Your finish is very pretty too.

Carol R said...

I had forgotten about the fobs but I am glad that Tess and Meg approve of your choice. And if you get really really desperate for 5p I will forgive you for breaking it open!

Jenn said...

Your kittens are so cute. Meg remind me of my stitch. She looks like she has the same coloring around her face stitch does.

Carol said...

What a sweet gift - and kitty definitely thinks it is his (hers??)!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rowyn,

Your stitching of Amour turned
out beautifully. And it's red!!
Love red!! These designs by
JBW Designs are so much fun, with
all the little shapes inside them.

The little fob that Carol stitched
for you is so sweet, and I love
the colour. Looks as though your
kitties love it too. They're such
sweet little purrs!!

Hope your guests enjoy their
visit. I'd certainly love a
chance to visit New Zealand,
in any weather.


Name: Vicki said...

Your cats are adorable! I'm a dog person myself - allergic to cats! I really like Amour. You did a great job! Have a great day!

Ruth said...

Wow, I love the test fob idea! Why is it I never thought of that? lol Your JBW piece is lovely and your "girls" are pretty darn cute.

Good luck with your RR!

Pumpkin said...

That was very sweet of her!

Your kitties are cute :o)

Nice finish! Will you show it when you've finished it?