Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love bunnies

I've been working on Edgar's piece for the QFRR, but haven't been stitching much at all lately. I don't even know why!? Even OH said to me when I picked up my stitching last night "It's been a while since you did any stitching".

Bunnykins is doing well. She's not too keen on me at the moment, and hides from me if I go near her in her house. So tonight I brought her into my house for a little while. She was nervous but gave OH and I a good sniffing - I suspect she'll soon warm up to us.

This weekend is a long weekend, so hopefully there'll be lots of bunny time and maybe my stitching mojo might make a comeback?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting to know you...

Here's what OH built me.... a rabbit house! :-)

(As usual, you can click the photo for a clearer view)

Meg and Giggsy are most intrigued with their new rabbit-television!

Anyway, I made the fatal mistake of going to help my Mum at Animal Rescue (where she is a volunteer) the other week. This bunny had been there since March 2007, and has a slight head tilt due to having had a stroke - so being a sucker for a sad story, I went home and much to my surprise OH agreed and even said he would build the rabbit house! (OH is a hard nut with a soft centre!)

I just picked her up a couple of hours ago. After a few minutes in her house she stomped her feet at me when I put my hand in to pat her, so she's already claimed her territory!

She seems to be having a great time running up and down sniffing everything, nibbling on her food and sniffing noses with the cats.

A hoppy ending!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Top Gun (lol!)

I haven't made any progress on my stitching worth sharing, so I thought I would show you a photo of an adventure my OH had this morning. He went gliding (that's him in the front seat). It was a little tame for the daredevil, although he's glad he tried it.

It must have been such an awesome feeling soaring up there on the breeze!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


There's something going on in this part of my backyard...

The first person to guess correctly (or pretty close) will win a stitchy-related prize. You may wish to click on the photo for a slightly clearer view. You can guess more than once if you want to! :-)

(P.S. It's got nothing to do with our lovely new doors that were installed this week).

Thanks for all your kind comments on my driving test failure! (My comment about aliens was sour grapes, but I'm sure if I'd seen some I would have been expected to mention them. LOL). I have rebooked for 29 April.... eeeep!

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I knew today was going to be a bad day

when I tripped on the front door step and knocked the heel off my shoe!!

My driving was fine today during my test, but I failed the test because of my lack of verbal hazard identification skills. Oh well, I know what they are looking for now even if I do think they go into complete and ridiculous overkill about hazards - such as adult pedestrians minding their own business on the footpath!?! And aliens landing from above...

My sister sent me some flowers anyway with a note saying I'd get them next time. LOL

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, only 3 more days to the weekend. LOL

Thursday, April 03, 2008

While I'm on a roll blog post wise

here is what I am working on at the moment...

Summer Cottage Garden by Country Cottage Needleworks (not Little House as previously mentioned - thanks Hazel!), and a little black and white kitty-cat for my nephew (who is cat and animal mad!).

I have a couple of big things happening next week - first up on Monday we are getting new doors. Yay! We're replacing our upstairs and downstairs ranch slider doors with funky new bifold doors. At last we'll bring our 1970s house into the 2000s :-)

And on Tuesday I go and sit my full driver's licence test. I'm definitely a late bloomer on the driving front at 33 years old, but as someone said to me 'better late than never'. I'm a fairly confident and sensible driver, but I worry that my nerves may let me down on the day!?

Some of you may remember that I sat a driving test last year too - that's because it is a graduated system here in New Zealand. Before you can even get behind the wheel of a car you must pass a theory test to get your Learner's licence, you then have to pass a driving test for your Restricted licence and then you have to pass another test to get your Full licence.

Well hang in there folks, it's Friday tomorrow (yay)!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

As promised, a photo of my Biscornu exchange...

...from Sandra in Barbados.

The gifts included a snow chart, beading needles, tissues (which are far too cute to use!), pins, a postcard, card and the biscornu itself. It's so pretty!

Thanks again Sandra for a fabulous exchange!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Biscornu exchange

Now that I have heard Joan has received her Biscornu for the Hooked on Exchanging board exchange, I can share a photo with you.

Don't look too closely please, my finishing still needs some polishing!

I also received a parcel from Sandra in Barbados today with a biscornu for me. It's sooo pretty, but I'll save it for another post (it's getting late-ish).

I was so excited to get a parcel from Barbados... now I'm dreaming about tropical holidays... :-)

Happy stitching!