Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been tagged by Kathryn :-)

Four movies I'd watch again
* Jane Eyre
* Tears of the Sun
* Casino Royale (Daniel Craig - swoon!)
* The Mummy

Four places I've lived
* Upper Hutt, New Zealand
* Canterbury, England
* Ballymena, Northern Ireland
... I can only do three :-)

Four TV shows I watch
* Border Patrol
* Escape to the Country
* rugby... not by choice
* more rugby... not by choice lol

Four places I've been
* England
* Fiji
* Indonesia
* Cyprus

Four things I love to eat
* chocolate (be gone Easter!)
* raspberries
* custard
* my Mum's trifle

Four places I'd rather be
* lazing on a beach in Fiji
* Fiordland, NZ
* stash enhancing in the USA
* Kent, England

Four things I look forward to
* finishing the huge project I'm working on at work
* watching our family business take off
* getting married
* completing my Diploma in Photography

Four people to tag
Carol R
Kathy A


Kathryn in NZ said...

Absolutely - stash enhancing in the USA! That could be a song lyric, remember ummm was it french kissing in the usa by blondie? THat would work LOL

And the dragon is just too cool

Barbara said...

Wow, you've got some GREAT things to look forward to! :D

And what is trifle, anyway? I thought it was some sort of organ that people eat, but surely I'm wrong ....