Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fair and Square exchange revisited

Last night I felt like making something... so out came my beautiful squares that I received from Kathy in the Fair & Square exchange. As my finishing skills are pretty limited, I made it into a little cushion to put in my basket of smalls.

It's a pity the photos don't do the sparkly crystals and beads, and the squares themselves justice. They're so much prettier in real life!

In the meme 'Four things', I mentioned that my Mum's trifle was one of the things I love to eat. Barbara wanted to know what trifle was - it's a very scrummy dessert - fruit, jelly, sponge, a drop of sherry, a layer of custard, and then cream on top. We only have it at Christmas time, and it is a tradition that we have it for breakfast the next morning too. LOL! I've never tasted another trifle that is a patch on Mum's. :-)

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you might be doing!


Barbara said...

You did a great job with the finishing!

So that's trifle! Thanks for the explanation. :)

Karoline said...

The pillow is lovely, great finishing

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful little pillow Rowyn. You make me blush with all your compliments. It was a pleasure to stitch with and for you. Perhaps we will stitch together again one day.

Carol R said...

That trifle looks delicious but .. I have a super duper Old English trifle recipe which I am sure you will love just as much. Would you like me to email you the recipe?

And talking of looking delicious your pillow looks tasty too - well done with the finishing of Kathy's exchange squares.

Carol R said...

Check my blog Rowyn - the Old English Trifle recipe is on there! Enjoy!

Von said...

Great job finishing off Kathy's square! It's a nice addition to your growing collection. :D