Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ooky spooky Saturday

It has been a no stitching weekend so far. Last night we went on a Ghost Hunt in the Wairarapa.

We started off in a cemetry where we captured some orbs...

Paranormal activity was at a bit of a low, so we had to make our own fun...

We did manage to capture a glowing eyed beast of the night on camera... it was about the only 'activity' going on. (By the way, it's a possum! Probably wondering what all the flashing was about!)

We then got taken to a secret location - an unused theatre. We were guaranteed paranormal activity here, but despite some of the others calling on the spirits (while I tried very hard not to wet myself laughing) there were definitely no ghosts in there. Unless you count the only red orb of the night...

In a last ditch attempt to get at least one fright for the night we went to a cinema which is in use, and despite the clairvoyant believing there was a spirit there (note the orb above her head which was right after she said that) I never felt anything.

She said there was a large dark shadow standing behind me right after that... I said it was probably the shadow of my big backside she could see, which cracked everyone up!

It was a fantastic evening - the thrill of the chase, the anomalies caught on camera, the people we met, the one strange noise we heard, playing with the ghost detecting equipment, getting home in the wee small hours of the morning and of course, all the laughs we had! (And will continue to have over our silly adventure).

And hey, I'm VERY glad I still don't know whether ghosts do or don't exist.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exchange received

OH and I went out for a short while tonight, and as I was driving down the driveway OH spotted a package lying in the garden - it turned out to be my Hooked on Exchanging scissor fob exchange from the lovely Simone.

And what a lucky save that was - look at the lovely package I received - a gorgeous scissor fob (the design is by Bent Creek - and it is perfectly finished), some fabric, thread, a make up bag and a lovely postcard from The Netherlands. :-)

Thank you again Simone for a wonderful exchange! :-)

Oh and the reason it was lying in the garden is because our weather has gone wild - it's warm, it's windy and it's very wet! Yuck. Our postie is also a right pillick, but that's a whole different story...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sharks in the pool...

It's so hot here at the moment, even the breeze is warm. I am a bit scared about going swimming to cool off though... can you see the reflection in my nephew's swimming goggles?

Take a closer look...

I think they're hysterical!

I haven't got any stitching to share. Since I last posted I worked on my scissor fob for the Hooked on Exchanging scissor fob exchange, and now I'm working on my Hello Neighbour RR. There was no time for stitching last weekend as we spent the weekend with friends who were over from Northern Ireland.

However, I do have some other craft to show. Yesterday I went to a card making class, and these are the results. I had so much fun I am booked into another one next month.

Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quaker House Sampler - WIP

Quaker House Sampler - WIP
Originally uploaded by rosie_kiwi

Here's a piccie of my latest start - it's the Quaker House Sampler by Carriage House Samplings.

I wasn't quite sure by the comments left on my last post whether anyone actually wanted the Scatter Sunshine freebie. But I ran a list of your names through a randomiser anyways - and the chart will be winging it's way to Barbara in a few days (whether she wants it or not... LOL). I still have your address from a chart trade we did a while back.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. - ATTENTION ANIMAL AND NATURE LOVERS - Found this awesome website today click here

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Late night finish

Scatter Sunshine by Shepherd's Bush
Originally uploaded by rosie_kiwi

I finished this sweet freebie (Scatter Sunshine by Shepherd's Bush) tonight.

I am offering the chart to anyone who would like it, just leave me a comment. (If quite a few people leave a comment I'll randomly select a name).

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 will be filled with happiness, good health and lots of stitching for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left comments lately, they are much appreciated :-)

I started The Littles Bunny by Bent Creek earlier today, and already have my first start/finish for 2008.

I've been enjoying everyone's snow photos lately. No snow here though - it has been a glorious day to start the new year off as can be seen in the photo below. I hope all my Australian friends aren't wilting in the heat they're having at the moment.

No stitching resolutions or goals again for me this year - I'd never stick to them, I'm too easily swayed :-)